Tezzaron Semiconductor has signed a contract to purchase the assets of a semiconductor technology development and wafer fabrication facility in Austin, Texas, previously run by SVTC Technologies.  Tezzaron will continue the operations of this unique facility while adding capabilities to assemble its own revolutionary three dimensional semiconductor devices. Tezzaron’s CEO, J.T. Ayers, confirms: “We will continue to operate the fab with the same employees in the same location providing the same critical services to all the same customers.”

The Austin facility serves a unique role in North America by providing contract research and development, silicon wafer fabrication, and commercialization services.  In September SVTC announced to customers and employees that the plant would be closed and liquidated by month’s end.  Ayers says: “This is the only facility of its kind on the continent.  It supports product innovations for semiconductors, life sciences, clean energy, aerospace, and defense.  When we became aware it might be shut down, we knew we had to work quickly to retain this highly valuable group of people and capabilities.  Its closure would have forced many customers to seek off-shore providers.”  The acquisition enables Tezzaron to preserve the fab’s capabilities and retain more than 100 highly skilled jobs in the State of Texas.  The deal is expected to close within 2 weeks, during which time the fab will continue normal operations.

Pike Powers of Austin, a nationally-recognized economic development leader in the semiconductor industry, endorses the pending transaction.  Powers says: “‘Lab to Fab’ availability is crucial to the future of the advanced technology eco-system/innovation pipeline in our country, state, and region.  This decisive action accomplishes much of what we have been working to develop, near and long term.  The opportunity to work with the current customer base of SVTC and SEMATECH, as well as to collaborate with The University of Texas in the future, is truly significant.  Our country’s defense and security interests are well served by this important initiative.”

Ayers adds: “Many people came together in an incredibly short timeframe to make this happen.  Management and employees and customers and shareholders of both SVTC and Tezzaron – all worked hard to save this facility and the jobs it provides. Moving forward, the Austin business will be led by industry veteran David Anderson.  We look forward to working with the Austin staff and the customers they serve.”

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