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Monolithic 3D: A Basic Primer

Ever since I put on the editorial director hat for, which aggregates 3D technology news, blogs and papers, and categorizes them as either TSV and 3D packaging or monolithic 3D, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the differences between 3D TSVs and monolithic 3D integration technologies.  I’ve got 2.5 D and 3D TSVs down pat, but the monolithic thing was really eluding me. I dec... »

Mind the Gap! SEMATECH’s EMA’s Prepare 3D Tools for HMV Readiness

Last week, SEMATECH and ISMI announced they would be conducting Equipment Maturity Assessments (EMAs) of several critical 3D tools during 2012 to establish functional equipment capabilities and address high volume manufacturing (HVM) maturity issues for 3D IC manufacturing.  This is a significant step in SEMATECH’s goal to accelerate the 3D technology revolution.  To find out more about this, ... »

Mitsubishi Throws its Hat in the 300mm Wafer Bonding Ring

Earlier this week, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced it had “developed the world's first fully automated 12-inch (300 millimeters) wafer bonding machine, capable of producing 3-dimensionally integrated LSI (large-scale integration) circuits at room temperature.” This tool is targeted to the MEMS, 3D LSI's, and the RF market. I was skeptical of the words “world’s first” when I ... »

SEMATECH to conduct rigorous manufacturability assessments to enable high volume manufacturing readiness of 3D technology

To enable high-volume production readiness of 3D-based products, SEMATECH’s 3D Interconnect and Manufacturability programs will be conducting Equipment Maturity Assessments (EMAs) of several critical 3D tools during 2012 to establish functional equipment capabilities and address high volume manufacturing maturity issues. The assessment is a cooperative effort among experts from SEMATECH’s 3D p... »

Everywhere you look, people are talking 3D

My head is spinning.  I just spent a few hours reading through all the latest 3D technology posts on various semiconductor news websites; something I find myself doing a lot more ever since I took on As editorial director of that site, it’s my job to sift through all the RSS feeds and aggregate all that is 3D through the portal site. It occurs to me that it wasn’t too long ago wh... »

Tezzaron Acquires Texas Semiconductor Facility

Tezzaron Semiconductor has signed a contract to purchase the assets of a semiconductor technology development and wafer fabrication facility in Austin, Texas, previously run by SVTC Technologies.  Tezzaron will continue the operations of this unique facility while adding capabilities to assemble its own revolutionary three dimensional semiconductor devices. Tezzaron's CEO, J.T. Ayers, confirms: ... »

Notes from the GSA 3D IC Workgroup July Meeting

Although I don’t often get to attend the GSA 3DI IC Workgroup meetings personally, I am on the mailing list and like to share the notes when they come my way. Harrison Beasley, technical working groups manager sent a brief review of the July 12 meeting that took place at eSilicon, San Jose as well as addressed some action items he’s been charged with. I did a little more digging (ok, I went on... »

The Making of a Real 3D Movie – Part II

I knew when I visited EV Group’s world headquarters in Schärding, Austria two years ago that there was an ongoing story here and I would be returning to write about the next phase of growth. (This time, we’ll be catching it all on video as well.) What I didn’t anticipate was the warm welcome we received at the Hotel Gugerbauer. As a returning guest, I was greeted as an old friend, handed a ... »

CEA-Leti Launches Open 3D(TM) Initiative

CEA-Leti today announced the launch of a major new platform that provides industrial and academic partners with a global offer of mature 3D innovative technologies for their advanced products and research projects. To help its partners solve key technology challenges, Leti's Open 3D(TM) global offer includes 3D design, layout, technologies including interconnections, TSV and components assemb... »

Soitec announces successful completion of acquisition of Altatech Semiconductor

Soitec announced the successful completion of its acquisition of all of the outstanding shares composing the capital of Altatech Semiconductor S.A., a French company located in Montbonnot Saint Martin near Grenoble (« Altatech »), as announced on December 23, 2011. The final purchase price was set to 15 million Euros. The acquisition was financed partly in cash and partly using Soitec stock... »