CEA-Leti and IPDiA have formed a common lab to capitalize on their complementary expertise in miniaturization and 3D integration on silicon. The common lab is dedicated to developing new 3D-integration technologies for passive electronics components on silicon and will open the door to new applications in promising markets such as LED lighting, healthcare and aerospace that require extreme miniaturization. The partnership also will pave the way to improved miniaturization of passive components such as resistors, capacitors and inductors.

Specifically, the common lab is designed to develop:

  • Very high-end passive components on silicon that will resist harsh environments
  • Functional sub-mounts for lighting components
  • Innovative assembly technologies allowing ultra-miniaturization of future products

IPDiA was founded in 2009 to commercialize innovative 3D technologies for integrating passive components. The company’s two axes of focus are integrated devices for high brightness LEDs and integrated passive devices for new medical, industrial, aerospace and defense markets.

CEA-Leti’s expertise in 3D technologies will allow IPDiA to go beyond the third generation of Passive Integration Connecting Substrate (PICS) components (250nF/mm²), which are being produced at IPDiA’s Caen site, and pursue the development of a future generation of PICS components (1µF/mm², then 2µF/mm²) and their assembly.

These products are designed, developed and manufactured by IPDiA in its production unit.

“The technologies to be developed in the common lab are one of the corner stones for industrial development of IPDiA, and our competencies in developing passive components in silicon will allow us to put a real industrial and independent offer in place,” said Franck Murray, CEO of IPDIA. “This partnership is also the result of a great human adventure, a common work between teams from various backgrounds generating creativity and new ideas.”

“This collaboration is fully in line with our strategy, and more of our technologies will go to market through this cooperation with a new innovative partner. Through very complementary competencies, IPDiA and Leti will work at the forefront of integrated passive components into silicon interposers,” said Leti CEO Laurent Malier. “Moreover, this cooperation is a solid example of Leti’s commitment to support the emergence of jobs and companies, as we have worked with IPDiA from their first day.”

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