Alchimer S.A, provider of nanometric deposition technology for through-silicon vias (TSVs), semiconductor interconnects and other electronic applications, is extending its presence in Japan under terms of a new agreement with the Nagase ChemteX unit of Tokyo-based Nagase & Co., Ltd.

The new agreement, which expands a relationship dating back more than a year, gives Nagase ChemteX, which is headquartered in Osaka, exclusive right to manufacture and distribute Alchimer’s AquiVia suite of chemicals in the Japanese market. In addition, Nagase, a multi-billion-dollar technology marketing company with several product lines related to microelectronics manufacturing and packaging, will establish a demonstration lab that will provide 300mm wafer-processing capabilities for AquiVia product evaluation and testing, beginning early next year.

Alchimer’s products utilize proprietary Electrografting (eGtm) and Chemicalgrafting (cGtm) technologies to deposit extremely high-quality films for a variety of microelectronic interconnect processes. By utilizing wet processes that can be performed on industry-standard equipment, rather than proprietary vacuum-based platforms, Alchimer achieves unprecedentedly low costs, as well as unmatched ability to fill microstructures with narrow diameters and aspect ratios of 10:1 and greater.

The AquiVia suite includes products that can perform all four steps associated with metallization of TSVs – insulation, barrier, seed and fill. It reduces overall cost of ownership for high-aspect-ratio TSV metallization by up to two-thirds compared to conventional dry processes, and shortens time to market.

“We are very glad to be expanding our relationship with Nagase; there’s very good synergy. They have an outstanding market presence, history and reputation, as well as the proven ability to give our growing customer base there the highest levels of service,” said Steve Lerner, Alchimer’s CEO. “Asian markets are central to our expansion plans, and none is more important than Japan, which is the source of much of today’s – and tomorrow’s – electronic technology.”

Lerner noted that Alchimer partner KPM Tech established a South Korean demonstration and manufacturing facility earlier this year, as part of Alchimer’s strategic market expansion. “Our partnership-oriented approach is ideal for quick expansion and scale-up of our business, and also provides our customers with well-established local support and supplies of materials, both during the sales cycle and after they license our technology,” he said.

“In the first phase of our relationship, we found strong market interest in Alchimer’s technology at several points along the microelectronics value chain,” said Tomitaka Ito, executive officer and general manager of Nagase & Co., Ltd. “We welcome the opportunity to build on that experience, and help make these remarkable processes available to the Japanese manufacturers we have served for many decades.”

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