I received a press release from MCA Public Relations today announcing the new leadership team, in light of the sudden and tragic loss of the company’s founder and CEO, Jean LeMoin. Traditional trade publication protocol would call for me to note such news, but not necessarily announce it. But whoever said 3D InCites is a traditional trade publication? 3D InCites is a community, and I consider the various PR professionals in the industry to be a vital members of that community, so protocol be damned! Their news is just as important to the future of our industry as the technical news.

So to pass along the basics of MCA’s new organizational structure, as stated in the press release: Former Vice Presidents Marie Labrie and Andrea Zils have been named MCA’s new CEO and president, respectively, and David Moreno has been promoted to vice president.

As CEO, Labrie will set the long-term strategic direction to advance the company’s mission and objectives, and to promote MCA’s revenue, profitability, resources and growth as an organization. She will continue to manage the agency’s consumer electronics and flat panel display practice, and play a key role overseeing employee activities and overall client services.

As president, Zils will be responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations as well as high-level execution and measurement of client programs. She will oversee MCA’s functional areas to ensure efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources. As part of this charter, Zils will manage the progress of every initiative, product and service that the firm offers.

In his new role as VP, Moreno will manage the company’s new business efforts and oversee MCA’s international program, which extends MCA’s global reach to Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Moreno will also continue to lead accounts in the semiconductor space and serve as the company’s go-to technologist in addition to providing strategic insight and best practices to communications programs agency-wide.

Over the past few years, in my capacity as both managing editor at Advanced Packaging and as co-founder of 3D InCites, I’ve had the pleasure of working with all three of these individuals on various occasions. I’m confident they will lead this agency forward according to Jean’s vision, and will continue to serve the high-tech industry in innovative ways. I look forward to working with them and wish them the best of luck in their new positions. — F.v.T.

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