This is way too big a deal to just post a press release about. When I read the news on the SEMI website, I decided a public kudos was much more appropriate, especially considering the wealth of knowledge Bob has been gracious enough to share with me since I started my blog a year ago. I’m talking about the 2009 SEMI Award for North America that was presented to Bob earlier this week at the 2010 SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium in Half Moon Bay, CA, recognizing his pioneering work in 3D IC integration.

The press release states “Robert Patti is recognized in the industry as one of the most knowledgeable and hands-on practitioners of 3D IC development. He is a leader in the current global discussions charting the direction of 3D ICs. Patti was among the first to identify some of the limitations associated with certain copper through-silicon via (TSV) structures and potential solutions.

Patti has been the main driver for the 3D-IC Alliance, which has produced the first published standard for three-dimensional chip designs: a specification for integrating memory and logic in a 3D stack. This standard lays the cornerstone for memory-to-logic 3D integration and establishes a basis for future collaborative efforts in the industry.”

I can certainly attest to all of the above. As busy as he is with his work as CTO and founder of Tezzaron Semiconductor, Bob found the time to participate in the Brightspots 3D IC Panel I moderated last July, was a main contributor of information for the SEMI white paper I helped write, 3D Integration: A Progress Report, and has since become a reliable source of technical information for us at 3D InCites. So from all of us at 3D InCites — thanks, Bob. We wish you continued success!– F.v.T

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