As the old saying goes, things usually happen in threes… and in this case 3D. Three years ago, EV Group (EVG) teamed up with Brewer Science, Inc. (BSI) to develop temporary wafer bonding and debonding processes using EVG tools and BSI’s materials. Just a few weeks ago, CEA Léti and BSI announced a joint development program (JDP) for temporary wafer bonding and debonding processes to achieve 3D IC integration using TSVs. Last week, EV Group made a similar announcement regarding a JDP with Leti. Just as I suspected, this move completes a 3-way collaboration for accelerating 3D IC integration. I spoke with Nicolas Sillon, head of the laboratory for advanced packaging and 3D integration at Leti; and Stefan Pargfrieder, EVG’s business development manager, to get some more details on the arrangement.

According to Sillon, the program with EVG is complementary to what Leti is already working on with BSI. “We’re mixing three competencies: EVG tools, BSI science, and Leti integration schemes,” he said. Pargfrieder concurred, adding that EVG’s previous work with BSI developing temporary bonding and debonding processes on their tools proved the best performance using BSI materials. “To have Léti as an industrial R&D partner allows us to make this a mature qualified technology for a broader range of customers.” he added.

In particular, Sillon said that developing 300mm 3D integration wafer processes is the main goal of the program with EVG. From EVG’s perspective, Pargfrieder says the goal is to establish EVG’s technology in the market, and learn from partners about tool performance at the early stages of development to better serve the customer. Therefore, the ability to accomplish this using Léti’s research facilities is a benefit.

As all three entities – Léti, BSI, and EVG – are members of the EMC3D Consortium, I was curious if this work also tied into that organization. According to both Sillon and Pargfrieder, information will be shared only in as much as can be made public. Sillon says the JDP with both EVG and BSI allows Leti to go deeper into development than they can with EMC3D . Pargfrieder added that some of the information might be useful to EMC3D, while some must remain confidential for customer projects.

To learn more about this triad’s work, be sure to catch their presentation on at ECTC 2009, which takes place May 27-29 in San Diego, CA. The topic discussed will be Leti’s via-last application on thin wafers using BSI’s science on EVG’s tool. It looks like the power of 3 is catching on in more ways than one. – F.v.T.

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