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Awards will be presented at the 3D InCites Award Ceremony and 10th Anniversary BBQ 6:30-8pm March 6, 2019, during the 2019 IMAPS Device Packaging Conference. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital and The iMAPS Foundation.

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Device Manufacturer of the Year
OmniVision Technologies, Inc.
OmniVision Technologies is a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions. Read more
Samsung has managed to bring together an application processor engine (APE) and a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) in the same package in a system-in-package (SiP)-PoP configuration. Read more
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation was founded as a device solutions manufacturer that constantly provides new value and excitement to the world. Read more
Device of the Year
OmniVision OS02C10 Image Sensor
Security cameras with AI need the highest possible resolution in all lighting conditions for accurate facial recognition. Read more
NVDIA Tesla V100
NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 is the world’s most advanced data center GPU ever built to accelerate AI, HPC, and graphics. Read more
Sony IMX586 stacked CMOS Image Sensor
The Sony IMX586 stacked CMOS image sensor for smartphone cameras features 48 effective megapixels*2, the industry’s highest pixel count. Read more
Disruptive Technologies
Disruptive Technologies AS is an innovator in the IoT market and developer of the world’s smallest commercial-grade wireless sensors. Read more
EDA Provider of the Year
Mentor xSI and Calibre 3DSTACK
During the development of a complex FinFET-class ASIC, there were several modifications to netlist names and package connectivity to maintain compatibility with a legacy product. Read more
Zuken CR-8000 Design Force
As IC packaging architecture advances, Zuken’s Design Force enables the designer to deal with the growing complexity in design space in handling high pin-counts, high density designs and the need to interface with multiple formats and flows. Read more
Cadence Design Systems
Cadence plays an essential role in the creation of today’s ICs, advanced IC packages, and PCBs. Read more
Engineer of the Year
Dr. Warren Flack, VP of worldwide lithography applications, Veeco Instruments
For 30+ years, Warren Flack has significantly influenced the global advanced packaging (AP) lithography arena with his expertise spanning dry-etching for silicon technologies, optical and electron-beam lithography. Read more
Gerard John, Amkor Technology
As one of Amkor’s leading “Test Technologist”, Gerard’s expertise covers a wide range of products and services, including: commercial MEMS devices, 77 GHz collision-avoidance radar, high speed photonics and wireless cellular communications products. Read more
Amy Lujan, SavanSys Solutions LLC
Amy's academic background is in polymer chemistry and mathematics, while her professional background is in the electronics industry. Read more
Equipment Supplier of the Year
Genmark Automation
Since the launch of Genmark’s new high capacity storage tool, CODEX, IDM manufacturers have recognized the benefits of Genmark’s new product due to its capabilities in meeting evolving market demands. Read more
Veeco AP300E Lithography System
Launched in 2004, AP300 lithography system’s overlay, resolution and broadband exposure flexibility has consistently driven highly automated, cost-effective manufacturing Read more
SPTS Technologies Ltd
SPTS Technologies provides etch and deposition equipment which has enabled many of the recent advances in 2.5/3D integration. Read more
ERS electronic GmbH
ERS electronic GmbH has taken the lead in Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging equipment manufacturing with its new thermal debonding tool, the MPDM700. Read more
Materials Supplier of the Year
Brewer Science
Since 1981, Brewer Science has provided the market with advanced materials that both broaden and extend industry roadmaps. Read more
Corning Precision Glass Solutions
Glass as a temporary carrier material has proven its value in advanced wafer thinning and high- performance fan-out packaging. Read more
Henkel Corporation
Henkel is the premier materials supplier for the electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging industries. Read more
Atotech offers plating chemistries from fan-out wafer level packaging processes, to through silicon vias. Read more
Process of the Year
Imec 3D team lead by Eric Beyne for development of a low-warpage wafer-level transfer mold process that is performed post 3D die-to-wafer assembly. Read more
Rohinni LLC
Rohinni simplifies formerly complex LED placement/manufacture by omitting traditional packaging steps to optimize manufacturing processes. Read more
HSIO Technologies-Benchmark Electronics
HSIO Technologies has developed an exciting new manufacturing process technology focused on Direct Die Attach Liquid Crystal Polymer dielectric material (LCP). Read more
Eshylon Scientific’s Mobile Electrostatic Carriers
Eshylon Scientific’s multi-patented Mobile Electrostatic Carriers (MESCs) are revolutionizing temporary bonding for thin and exotic wafer handling. Read more
Research Institute of the Year
Binghamton University Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC)
The Integrated Electronics Engineering Center is committed to the advancement of electronic packaging technology and the electronics industry. Read more
UCLA Engineering Center for Heterogeneous Integration and Performance Scaling (CHIPS)
Classical Si based CMOS scaling has achieved a 1000X reduction in feature size over the last five decades and is still scaling even though development and manufacturing costs are rising. Read more
SemiSister Award
Cornell University College of Engineering
With the arrival of the Class of 2022, the Cornell University College of Engineering now enrolls equal numbers of undergraduate women and men Read more
FRT - the art of metrology
Diversity drives us! The individuality of employees is encouraged at FRT. Completely independent of gender or sexual orientation, the unique characters are underlined with positive appreciation. Read more
SPTS Technologies Ltd
SPTS values and encourages gender diversity within our workforce with a variety of strategies aimed at attracting new talent and retaining staff, through equal opportunities, equal pay, training & support of their life-long career aspirations. Read more
Leslie Tugman, SEMI
Leslie Tugman is an advocate of gender parity focusing on diversity, inclusion and workforce development globally.Read more
Brewer Science
Brewer Science has long been a proponent of gender diversity and inclusion. This commitment is infused throughout the company. Read more
Startup of the Year
Eshylon Scientific's Mobile Electrostatic Carriers
Eshylon Scientific’s multi-patented Mobile Electrostatic Carriers (MESCs) are revolutionizing temporary bonding for thin and exotic wafer handling. Read more
zGlue offers the zGlue Integration Platform (ZIP) and a library of heterogeneous building blocks for rapid prototyping. Read more
Rohinni LLC
Rohinni LLC makes beautiful light available anywhere. Its innovative, proprietary robotic process supersedes complex LED manufacture by placing mini- and microLEDs directly on virtually any substrate at unmatched speeds, and at a cost that enables high-volume manufacture of these ultrathin LED packages. Read more
Disruptive Technologies
Disruptive Technologies is the result of a great idea by Erik Fossum Færevaag, the architect behind the world’s lowest power microcontroller. Read more

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