Leoben, October 25, 2023 – For 40 years now, Casio’s renowned G-SHOCK watches have been used when exact time keeping is required under the most adverse conditions. Whether two hundred meters under water or in the middle of a sandstorm, a genuine G-SHOCK will not let its owner down. For 2023, Casio has come up with something very special and presents the DW-H5600, an uncompromising G-SHOCK with lots of fitness and health-tracking features. The new digital wristwatch, which has been available in stores since May, comes with a pedometer and sensors for monitoring heart rate and sleep quality.

To ensure that the DW-H5600 can match the enormous robustness of its predecessors despite its more complex design, Casio relies on high-quality mainboards from AT&S. “The technology we supply for Casio is proven. These boards are very hard wearing and therefore a perfect fit for the equally robust G-SHOCKs”, says Andreas Wippel, VP Sales of BU ES at AT&S. The DW-H5600 is available worldwide and is already enjoying great popularity.

Extreme sports and convenience

The target audience for the powerful new watch includes extreme athletes such as Japanese surfer Kanoa Igarashi and fans of the iconic G-SHOCK design, as well as health-conscious ordinary mortals who like to keep track of important fitness indicators. “The DW-H5600 is available since May and offers advanced features like sleep quality monitoring. Connecting the watch to the accompanying smartphone app makes it very convenient to use, and you can, for example, use a smart alarm function that prevents you from being rudely jolted out of a deep sleep phase,” explains Wippel.

The collaboration between Casio and AT&S worked smoothly right from the start, and the Japanese electronics manufacturer is particularly enthusiastic about AT&S’s high-tech production capabilities. AT&S and G-SHOCK stand for proven quality that enables sustained top performance even under the most adverse conditions. “I am very pleased with the result of this cooperation and believe that the combination of durable AT&S technology and Casio know-how can have a great future,” says Wippel.

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