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Readers of IFTLE are aware that we have been spending significant time during the past two years describing the US government’s attempt to reshore advanced microelectronic packaging and detailing the onshoring programs they have created.

If one message has come through loud and clear from our readers it is that “…this is all very confusing.”

  • The average packaging engineer has never heard of some of these agencies
  • Many of these programs sound like they are going after the same objectives
  • Is anyone coordinating these programs to make sure there is minimum overlap?
  • With so many programs coming out at once, who has time to apply to them all?
  • Which programs are really suitable for my technology/company?

Well, IFTLE felt the same way and did something about it. I got together with IMAPS management and management of the Navy Crane SHIP program (who had begun an interaction with IMAPS for their program last year) and proposed we expand the IMAPS on-shoring workshop to include all the government agencies wanting to be a player in the Advanced Packaging “reshoring” game and get them to commit to all being in the same place at the same time.

What has evolved is the upcoming IMAPS / IPC “Onshoring Advanced Packaging and Assembly” workshop which will be held July 10-12 at Tyson’s Corner outside Washington DC.

NOTE: Attendance will be limited to US and Canadian citizens

General Chair of the meeting will be Dr. Darren Crum, OUSD R&E Advanced Packaging Technical Execution Area Lead, and the technical chair will be Brandon Hamilton of Booz Allen Hamilton.

The organizing committee consists of:

  • Phil Garrou (IFTLE), Microelectronics Consultants of NC
  • Matt Kelly, IPC
  • Steve Dooley, AFRL
  • Donna Joyce, Army T
  • Ted Tessier, Integra
  • Jim Will, SkyWater
  • Tony Trinh, Mercury Systems
  • Helen Phillips, Northrop Grumman
  • Jason Milne, Raytheon
  • Chris Riso, BAH

This workshop will bring Government agencies, the DIB (Defense Industrial Base) and Advanced Packaging and Assembly providers together to discuss their efforts to onshore advanced packaging. The mission of this workshop is to engage our workforce community to identify the newly created Advanced Packaging programs that address US Government and Defense requirements, which are critical to the onshoring of the microelectronic assembly and packaging supply chain. Government agencies including the Department of Commerce/NIST, DoD (SHIP/IBAS/Title III/Printed Circuit Board Executive Agent), DARPA, and SRC will be brief attendees on their advanced packaging programs.

The onshoring workshop will feature two days of focused sessions, keynote presentations, a panel discussion on workforce development, and a variety of networking opportunities. The event will kick off on Monday and will include two, two-hour discussion groups where John Park, Cadence Design Systems, and  Paul Franzon, North Carolina State University will lead discussions on the complexity of “Chiplets” and Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International, and  Matt Kelly, IPC will lead discussions on the complexity of moving IC substrate production back on shore.

Then we have lined up the following Keynotes from the government agencies:

  • CHIPS” – Erik Lin, Department of Commerce/NIST
  • DPA/Title III and ICAM/IBAS Activity” – Anthony Di Stasio, Director, Defense Production Act, Title III
  • Manufacturing 3-D Heterogeneously Integrated (3DHI) Microsystems” – John Blevins, DARPA MTO 
  • KEYNOTE: “DoD ME Commons” – Dr. Dev Shenoy – Principal Director for Microelectronics, DoD
  • The current program calls for
    (11) presentations by government agencies telling us what they are after and what they are attempting to put in place
  • (6) by US assembly and packaging companies sharing what they currently have the capability to do on shore and what their advanced packaging roadmap looks like over the next few years
  • 6 from the DIB sharing what their capabilities are and what their needs are in order to fulfill the future requirements of the DOD.

If you’re a US citizen working in advanced packaging, you will definitely want to be at this meeting!

For all the latest in Advanced Packaging stay linked to IFTLE…………………….


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