The topic of the 2022 IMAPs Global Business Council Spring Meeting, co-located with the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference, was Onshoring for the Department of Defense (DoD). Since the last time we visited the Onshoring packaging to the US question, the Chips Act has been passed, and now Congress is trying to decide how to appropriate the 52Billion in incentives.

Simultaneously, the already-funded State-of-the-Art (SOTA) Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP) program has been launched to develop a sustainable business and operational model to provide the DoD with access to domestic sources of SOTA digital and radio frequency packaging. It’s believed that sustained access to SOTA packaging will foster significant system performance increases, which will enable military system modernization and support next-generation capabilities.

In this episode, we speak with Jim Will of Skywater Technology and John Lannon, of Micross AIT. Both presented as part of the GBC plenary session. We talk about how the $52Billion would best be appropriated. We also talk about the concerns that this might be just a temporary solution, and what the outcome will be if it’s not sustained.

We also speak with Keynote Speaker, Darrin Crum, Technical Lead of the SHIP Program, and Tom Smelker of Mercury Microsystems, the performer that provides the classified environment needed to keep the program secure. Crum and Smelker explain how the SHIP program works, who is involved, and how chiplets and other heterogeneous integration technologies can make it possible to quickly bring SOTA to the defense community.

Contact Today’s Speakers on LinkedIn:

  • James Will, SkyWater Technology – A&D BU Director
  • Dr. John Lannon, Micross Advanced Interconnect Technology – General Manager
  • Darren J. Crum, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division – Technical Lead of the SHIP Program for OUSD(R&E) – Modernization Microelectronics
  • Tom Smelker, Mercury Systems – VP& GM, Microsystems

To learn more, read Tom Smelker’s blog post, Enabling a Trusted Domestic Microelectronics Ecosystem.

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