Let’s begin looking at some of the presentations from the 2023 IMAPS Device Packaging Conference in March.

Figure 1: Resonac is the result of the merger between Showa Denko and Showa Denko Materials.

Showa Denko becomes Resonac

My old friend, Hidenori Abe, detailed the formation of Resonac through the combination of Showa Denko and Showa Denko Materials (formerly Hitachi Chemical (Figure 1), He also shared some details about the Japanese consortium “Joint 2”.

The new company has sales of 1,259B Yen with 31% of that being in electronic materials. Its product lineup includes:

  • Materials for buffer coating
  • CMP slurries for Cu/barrier metal, as well as STI/ILD
  • Photosensitive dry film
  • Motherboard core and prepreg material
  • Solder resist
  • QFN support tape
  • Specialty gasses
  • Die bonding film
  • die bonding paste
  • Epoxy mold compounds
  • Photosensitive insulation material
  • Thermal interface material
  • Underfill material
  • Solder resist
  • Package substrate prepreg, resin film, and core material

In other words, they cover a broad spectrum of packaging materials. Its packaging solution center is located in Kanagawa, Japan. A layout of its facility is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Layout of Resonac’s packaging solution center.

They are also considering creating a packaging solution center in Silicon Valley, CA. This center will comprise assembly technology, RDL technology, and reliable failure analysis technology. Abe described a partner contribution scheme for assembly, RDL, and FA equipment providers, as well as substrate suppliers (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Resonac’s partner contribution scheme for the proposed packaging solution center.

As partners, equipment and substrate suppliers will provide state-of-the-art equipment and material to realize customer POC. Operating costs will be shared by all members of the ecosystem. Members will be able to send engineers to the R&D center to collaborate. There will be an opportunity to share customer projects, as well as use equipment and technology for members’ own projects.

Resonac's roadmap
Figure 4: Resonac’s technical roadmap and schedule.

Japan’s Joint 2 Consortium

Resonac has also joined the new Japanese consortium known as JOINT 2. Joint 2 is being implemented under New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Org (NEDO) contract called “Research and Development Project for Strengthening Post 5G Information Communication System Infrastructure.

Joint 2 membership and their areas of interaction are shown in figure 6:

Joint 2
Figure 6: Joint 2 Advanced Package evaluation platform.


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