Plan Optik is the leading manufacturer of customized glass wafers. In sectors such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemistry and pharmaceuticals these wafers are essential components for numerous applications in MEMS technology. The wafers of glass, glass-silicon compounds or quartz are available in sizes up to 300 mm diameter. Wafers by Plan Optik provide high-precision surfaces with minimum tolerances either with or without application-specific patterning.

ACT – Advanced Connectivity Technology

With it’s new “Advanced Connectivity Technology (ACT)” Plan Optik developed a solution to create or refine products for 3D-Integration, 5G or other connectivity and high frequency applications. Typical product examples are Interposers as drilled glass wafers with a copper layer. Those Interposer wafers are available in sizes up to 300 mm with hole diameters down to 100 μm (depending on wafer thickness). Customized Redistribution Layers (RDL) can be integrated on wafer sizes up to 8”. The wafer thickness ranges from 200 μm up to 1 mm. With a minimum hole distance equal to via diameter and a Cu-layer thickness starting from 1 μm Cu-Interposer are perfectly suitable for high-frequency applications like for example 5G broadband transmission, radar and imaging sensors, biosensors or beam steering networks.

Project example: Development of a glass antenna module

Recently, Plan Optik has been part of a development cooperation resulting in the wafer level manufacturing of meander monopole antennas based on glass interposer technology with 175 μm through glass vias (TGV). Project summary:

  • 10 x 4 qmm antenna made of 700 μm thick borosilicate glass material
  • 15 μm thick electroplated copper for liner metallization of vias and redistribution
  • dielectric passivation and solder bumps for bonding
  • prototype demonstrate the suitability of used glass material for 2.4 GHz ISM band

–> competitiveness of glass antenna approach regarding achieved antenna efficiency of approx. 60%, return loss of less than -15 dB and intended omnidirectional characteristic with gain < 0,5 dBi has been confirmed.

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