Includes new, easy-to-operate pail pump with unique pail change and loading method, which also reduces material waste

Carlsbad, CA, USA – 4 May 2022Nordson Electronics Solutions, a global leader in electronics manufacturing technologies, introduces a system-solution for dispensing single-component (1K) thermal interface materials by integrating the ASYMTEK Helios® SD-960 Series fluid dispensing platform with the new FS-EP1 Fluid Supply/Feeding System One-Gallon Pail Pump.

Single-component thermal interface materials (TIMs), often used as gap fillers in electronics manufacturing, are highly viscous and abrasive, making them difficult to feed from the original packaging to the dispense valve. Facility air pressure and chunk pumps are commonly used to transfer these thick materials. However, these are not long-term solutions because the air pressure is often insufficient or the pump wears out faster, leading to premature failure. The new FS-EP1 pail pump pushes material to the dispense valve using a closed-hydraulic system. Low shearing of the material ensures that highly conductive thermal gap fillers do not separate, and material properties remain unaffected. There are no moving parts in contact with the gap filler, and no moving parts outside the pump enclosure, not even in the fluid line.

Equipment details:

  • The new FS-EP1 pump is designed to make high-performance bulk dispensing safe and easy to maintain and to minimize down-time. The pump enclosure securely holds a one-gallon pail at the operator’s waist-level so that it is simple to load and remove. When it’s time to change out the pail, a semi-automated air-bleed routine with priming valve ensures that air is removed from the system, operating behind the closed, safety-interlocked doors. This operation helps to maintain safety while minimizing down-time and material waste. Other features, such as the highly durable hydraulic pump, the intuitive operator interface, and the quick, tool-free seal changeover, establish new benchmarks in performance and maintenance.
  • The Helios dispensing platform handles medium- and large-volume dispensing applications — typically in diameters larger than 1mm — that include many single- and two-component fluid materials and pastes, like highly abrasive TIM. Helios dispenser processes are controlled by dedicated Fluidmove® fluid dispensing software that includes user-programmable dispense geometries.

About Nordson Electronics Solutions

Nordson Electronics Solutions makes reliable electronics an everyday reality. Through our ASYMTEKMARCH, and SELECT brands, we supply the world’s semiconductor, printed circuit board, and precision assembly manufacturers with the innovative fluid dispensing and surface treatment solutions they need to protect sensitive electronics. Day after day, year after year, across the globe, for over 35 years, we’ve delivered cutting-edge engineering and applications excellence to help our customers succeed.



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