BERLIN, July 2021: Atotech, a leading global supplier of specialty surface-finishing solutions, announces the global launch of UniCoat® CTR, our next-generation single step cleaner coater process for multi-metal paint applications.

Based on the same technology as modern zirconium pretreatments, UniCoat® CTR incorporates a robust cleaning package, complementing the zirconium component to achieve efficient cleaning and coating in one process step.  Optimized for use in 2 – 4 stage recirculating washer systems, UniCoat® CTR offers enhanced cleaning properties, improved pH and process stability, and reduced risk of flash rust during regular production and line stoppages. UniCoat® CTR provides applicators with improved paint adhesion and corrosion resistance qualities, closely matching the performance of a traditional alkaline cleaner and zirconium pretreatment process in most applications.

Traditionally, applicators have looked to iron phosphates for their short system pretreatment needs. UniCoat® CTR offers applicators a phosphorus-free alternative that significantly reduces the scale and sludge typically associated with phosphate pretreatments.  The result is a process that requires less equipment maintenance and a reduced burden on wastewater treatment operations.  As part of Atotech’s sustainability initiative, we eliminated alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE) from our processes making UniCoat® CTR a highly sustainable solution for the surface finishing industry.

UniCoat® CTR consists of separate cleaner and zirconium coating additives. The two-component process offers a greater level of versatility. Congruently to applicators’ cleaning and coating requirements, the proportion of each component can be adjusted to meet the performance demand.

According to Brian List, Global Product Director for Paint Support Technology, “UniCoat® CTR is a truly unique innovation for applying paint pretreatment in two to four-stage spray pretreatment lines. This product provides excellent metal part cleaning while simultaneously developing a zirconium conversion coating, delivering superior paint performance. UniCoat® CTR is not only a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional iron phosphate-based cleaners or phosphate alternatives, but also features an easy application and exceptional stability.”


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