Rolla, Mo.–January 1, 2021– Brewer Science is celebrating 40 years of being a global leader in developing and manufacturing advanced materials utilized in cutting-edge micro-devices.

Dr. Terry Brewer founded Brewer Science in 1981 and has been daring to innovate since its establishment. In 1981, the company boldly introduced ARC® bottom anti-reflective coatings to chipmakers worldwide, shifting the microelectronics industry as we know it. Over the past 40 years, the company’s portfolio has grown exponentially, exceeding our customers’ demands.

The company continues to be led by Dr. Terry Brewer. It has maintained its privately held ownership throughout its history, giving Brewer Science the strength to control critical strategic and business decisions. In 2020, the company became Certified Employee-Owned by transferring a portion of ownership to employees, recognizing they are the major contributor to the company’s inventive culture.

“Our employees have a unique trait. It’s how we are able to accomplish such revolutionary achievements in the dynamic industry of microelectronics – each and every individual in the company instills an important trait that is necessary to our success – the daringness to innovate,” remarks Dr. Terry Brewer.

The world has changed significantly since Brewer Science embarked on the mission to bring ingenious solutions to microelectronics. Still, Brewer Science’s commitment to the vision “Of the People, By the Technology, For the Customer, To Achieve Fulfillment” remains unchanged and is evident in everything the company does. Whether it’s coaching industry partners to create a transparent, defect-free supply chain, or the quick response to solving issues in our local community by manufacturing hand sanitizer during a national shortage, it’s an exciting time for Brewer Science.

The company would like to thank everyone who made the last four decades a success – the employees, our customers, and our communities! Please celebrate with the company by tagging your posts #BrewerScience40Years and following the Brewer Science social media pages for additional anniversary announcements during 2021: @BrewerScience on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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Brewer Science is a global leader in developing and manufacturing next-generation materials and processes that…

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