It is my pleasure to inform you that SEMICON Taiwan Hybrid will open next week from Sep. 23 (Wed.) – 25 (Fri), which will be the first SEMICON that offers both in-show and virtual experiences at the same time. Even though we cannot meet in person this time due to COVID-19, I would like to invite you to join us virtually on the online platform. \

This year, SEMICON Taiwan Hybrid brings together 550 exhibitors across 2,000 booths on the fairground, featuring 15 theme pavilions, innovation zones, and 19 international forums. The key highlights of this year will be innovations in Smart Manufacturing Taiwan, Compound Semiconductor Innovation Zone, and Heterogeneous Integration, which will showcase new applications including smart glasses, drones, and electric cars.

On the virtual platform, beside the virtual booths, we created four special pavilions, a media center, and Explore SEMI: A 360 panorama view to enhance the visitor experience. To integrate the in-show and the virtual experiences, we will live stream seven forums, the opening ceremony, and the gala dinner. Furthermore, there will be live reporting clips to show online visitors different aspects of the fairground.  In the networking lounge, chat rooms on different topics are created to encourage discussion.  This platform will stay accessible for 1 month, until Oct. 23.

Live Show Highlights

There will be 550 exhibitors across 2,000 booths on the fairground, featuring 15 theme pavilions, and 9 international forums

Master Forum

High-technology thought leaders from TSMC, Foxconn, STMicroelectronics, Micron, FET, and Lam Researchgoing to share their viewpoints on how the semiconductor industry can leverage AI and 5G to power the next wave of innovation.

SMART Initiatives

SEMI Taiwan is facilitating and focusing on SMART Manufacturing, SMART Mobility, SMART Medtech, SMART Data, and SMART Workforce, and you will find new using cases, latest solutions, and rising trends from the companies like IBM, Renesas, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Jaguar, Ford, Continental, GE, Illumina, etc. More applications like EV cars, drones, and smart glasses are on exhibit.

Government Leaders’ Presence

Taiwan’s key government officials and industry executives also highly value the semiconductor’s role in the industry. Taiwan President Tsai, Ing-Wen, and Premier Su, Tseng-Chang will attend at 2020 Leadership Gala Dinner and Opening Ceremony respectively, and we will stream the event live on the virtual platform for desktop viewing. This year, over 50 government officials will come to SEMICON Taiwan to show their support to this industry.

Five Concurrent Events

FLEX Taiwan, ITC-Asia, Strategic Materials Conference Taiwan, SiP Global Summit, and SMART Manufacturing Taiwan are co-located with SEMICON Taiwan.

Corporate Venturing Forum

To help our members accelerate innovation by leveraging external innovation, the new Corporate Venturing Forum will be attended by the Corporate Venture Capitalists from Intel, Applied, ARM, UMC, MediaTek, focuses on how companies can obtain new growth engines by investing in or collaborating with startups.

Virtual Platform Highlights

  • 50 exhibitors will have virtual booths with 1:1 instant chat
  • 4 special pavilions with 360 panorama view:
    • Smart Manufacturing Journey
    • Compound Semiconductor Innovation Zone
    • Heterogeneous Integration Innovation Zone
    • Smart Workforce Pavilion.
  • Live reporting: 9 short video clips will be uploaded to let virtual visitors see what’s going on at the actual fairground
  • 2 live stream events:
    • Opening Ceremony: Sep. 23rd 09:00 AM TST
    • Leadership Gala Dinner: Sep. 23rd 06:00 PMTST
  • 7 live stream and on-demand forum sessions
    • Master Forum: Sep. 23rd 01:20 PM TST
    • SMART Mobility Forum: Sep. 23rd 08:30 AMTST
    • SMART MedTech Forum: Sep. 23rd 01:30 PMTST
    • Power Electronics and Optoelectronics Semiconductor Technology Forum: Sep. 24th 08:20 AM TST
    • FLEX Taiwan 2020: Sep. 24th08:50 AM TST
    • Security on Chip Summit: Sep 25th 08:30 AMTST
    • IC Forum: Sep 25th 08:30 AMTST
  • Networking Lounge, Media Center, and Explore SEMI
  • VR experience 

Once again, thank you for your support and see you virtually!  Find out more and register here.

Terry Tsao

Terry Tsao

Terry Tsao is President of SEMI Taiwan and the Chief Marketing Officer for SEMI Global.…

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