STOCKHOLMNov 9, 2018 — MRSI Systems (Mycronic Group) announces new demonstration capability at its sister company, Shenzhen Axxon Automation (Mycronic Group) facility in the Longhua district, Shenzhen, China. MRSI will be offering local demonstrations of its market-leading MRSI-HVM3 die bonder and also die bonding applications using customer’s sample materials, by arrangement.

This offers existing and prospective customers in China the opportunity to review the detailed performance capability of the MRSI-HVM3 in a local setting, supported by MRSI’s world-class local application engineers for a quick turn-around of product demonstration and die bonding sample building. The MRSI-HVM3 product family delivers industry-leading speed, future-proof high precision (<3 micrometers), and superior flexibility for true multi-process, multi-chip, high-volume production. The superior performance is enabled by a dual-head, dual-stage, integrated “on-the-fly” tool changer, ultrafast eutectic stage, and multi-levels of parallel processing optimizations.

The MRSI-HVM3 is designed for specific applications including Chip-on-Carrier (CoC), Chip-on-Submount (CoS), and Chip-on-Baseplate (CoB) assembly using eutectic and/or epoxy stamping die bonding. This also provides great opportunities to discuss with MRSI’s local process experts for solutions within the extended product configurations of HVM3e, HVM3P, H3TO, and H3LD. These configurations are based upon the same design as HVM3 but configured specifically for local top heating, inline conveyor CoB, AOC and gold-box packaging, WDM & EML TO-can packaging, and high power laser diode packaging, respectively.

MRSI Systems Launches MRSI-HVM3P for New Applications

MRSI-H3TO Die Bonding Product Family Targeted at the 5G Wireless Network Supply Chain

MRSI-H3LD Die Bonder Targeted at the High Power Diode Laser Market

Contact MRSI Systems ( to schedule a demo at the Shenzhen facility and learn about how MRSI’s assembly solutions can meet your specific application requirements.

This is an important milestone for MRSI Systems allowing us to better serve our local Chinese market by offering timely and relevant demonstrations of our new expanded MRSI-HVM3 family of products.


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Vice President of Marketing, MRSI Systems

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Tobias Bülow

Director IR & Corporate Communications, Mycronic

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