Phil Garrou
Phil helped celebrate the 2018 3D InCites Awards last March.

Yes. You read that right. It is my great pleasure to announce that Dr. Phil Garrou is joining 3D InCites as contributing editor and as a member of our esteemed technical advisory board.

Like me, you may have noticed a pause in Phil’s missives on all things advanced packaging. While it’s only been a month or so since he penned his last post for Solid State Technology, it has already left a void in my weekly reading.

Well, fear not! Because after not too much cajoling, Phil has agreed to continue his ten-year-long practice of opining on the latest technology advancements in fan-out, heterogeneous integration, 3D ICs, and more, using 3D InCites as his platform. His blog will be renamed Packaging InCites From the Leading Edge – aka IFTLE – has a familiar ring, don’t you think?) – and he will pick up where he left off, at post #395, with twice-monthly blog posts.

It’s truly an honor to have Phil join the team. His technology expertise goes unquestioned. For those of you who are not familiar with his background, here are the details:

Currently a subject matter expert for DARPA, he also runs a consulting company, Microelectronic Consultants of NC, in the RTP NC area. After retiring from Dow Chemical in 2004 as Global Director of Technology for their Advanced Electronic Materials business unit, he has served as Technical VP and president of both IEEE EPS and IMAPS and is a Fellow of both organizations.

Phil’s editing talents have been put to work for several microelectronic texts including McGraw Hill’s “Multichip Module Handbook” and Wiley VCH’s “Handbook of 3D Integration”. He won the Milton Kiver Award for Excellence in Electronic Packaging (1994); the Fraunhofer International Adv. Packaging Award (2002); the IEEE CPMT Sustained Technical Achievement Award (2007), the IMAPS Ashman Award (2000) and most recently the American Chemical Society Award for Team Innovation (2017), and of course, the 3D InCites Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.

I believe Phil’s materials and process technology expertise will be a great addition to Herb Reiter’s EDA-inspired perspectives, Paul Werbaneth’s MEMS, sensors and panel-level packaging contributions, and my general exploration of what drives this industry.

Look for Phil’s first post later this month, when he updates us on DARPA’s CHIPS program.

Welcome to the 3D InCites family, Phil. This is going to be fun! ~ F.v.T

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