Just under a week away, the agenda for the 2017 IMAPS Device Packaging Conference and co-located Global Business Council is geared to inspire attendees about the growing importance of heterogeneous integration technologies supported by advanced wafer level packaging, 2.5D, and 3D integration. While the quest for smaller silicon nodes continues, it’s well understood that these technologies are finally getting their due with regards to the value and capabilities they bring to current and future microelectronic devices.

In addition to a robust technology track, the keynotes, panels, and agenda for the business council all touch on the latest issues and trends that touch our work every single day. Here’s a taste of what you can expect to learn about. You can check out the full program and plan your schedule here:

 Heterogeneous Integration: Packaging the Future, Ron Huemoeller, Amkor
As we truly live in a connected world and the proliferation of connected devices is forcing continually higher system level performance, not surprisingly, it is semiconductor packaging that has stepped up to play a pivotal role in providing the solutions to the new system level requirements. Advanced packaging technologies have increased in complexity over the years, transitioning from single to multi-die packaging, enabled by 3D integration, system-in-package, wafer-level, and creative approaches to embedding die. The investments required to support the advancements in silicon miniaturization and heterogeneous integration have now reached well beyond $500M USD per year…

Neither IoT nor 5G without new Technology! Lionel Rudant, CEA-Leti
5G networks are expected to unleash solutions that will help overcome barriers to widespread IoT adoption, such as technology hurdles leading to high connectivity costs, limited impact on user experience as well as security and privacy concerns. Beyond the 28-nm node, new design costs increase exponentially. We cannot continue focusing on tinier transistors in the More-than-Moore era, when technology roadmaps call for heterogeneous integration, 3D integration, and advanced packaging. Microelectronics is now led by system-driven roadmaps, and new drivers for 5G systems are diverging IoT services that require innovative flexibility and scalability from the technology. There is a new complexity in the drive of the technology roadmap since the transistor takes part of advanced system architectures where the software part is increasing…

The Fan-Out Breakout, organized by Yole Développement

Fan-out is currently the most dynamic solution in the Advanced Packaging playground. This panel discussion provides the opportunity to learn and debate with key industrial players willing to share their different points-of-view and visions of fan-out, related strategy, business, and technology trends…

The Global Business Council presents:  Microelectronics Supply Chain in Transition

Keynote: Getting the Semiconductor Industry Growing Again, Jim Walker, WLP Concepts

Since the Great Recession, the global economy has had its tumultuous times. Financial and political instability along with low interest rates have resulted in muddle-through worldwide growth. For the semiconductor industry, smartphone growth has somewhat peaked. Many are hoping that the IoT is the next growth driver, but it hasn’t blossomed yet. The last two years have seen practically no growth in the semiconductor marketplace.  What about 2017? Will it be any better How will the semiconductor industry relate now to the Make America Great Again movement…?

…other GBC presentations include:

  • Market Drivers and Packaging Trends for Automotive Electronics
    Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International
  • What’s Happening in China Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Landscape?
    Santosh Kumar, Yole Développement
  • Integrated Packaging and Substrate Technologies for Next-Generation Smart Devices
    Eric Huenger, Rozalia Beica, Dow Electronic Materials
  • The Changing Landscape in the Back End
    Brandon Prior, Prismark

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