IMG_4634The journey to the commercialization of 3D integration technologies has been long – longer than most expected – an arduous. It has required tremendous investment, and it has required the efforts of the entire supply chain. The industry has experienced a paradigm shift in how it conducts business because of it. There has been an increase in communication and collaboration, and the walls between design and manufacture, and between foundry and OSAT, have come tumbling down. While we still wait for adoption in mainstream consumer electronics, we know it will come, and it’s now safe to claim victory for 3D as production is underway for a number of applications.

For several years, 3D InCites has honored the efforts of companies in bringing 3D to commercialization through the annual 3D InCites Awards Program. We have presented awards for devices, design tools, processes, materials, manufacturing equipment, inspection tools, and test tools and equipment. This year, we will present a 3D InCites Individual Achievement Award for the very first time, to recognize an individual who stands out among the rest for having contributed significantly to the realization of 3D integration technologies.

We invite you all to nominate an individual who you think is deserving of this award. There is no charge for this nomination, and we will not publicize the nominees, only the winner. Please email me the name of the person you are nominating at, along with a brief testimonial of why this person is deserving of the award. The list of nominees will be presented to our esteemed panel of judges for the final decision, and the award will be presented to the recipient during the 3D InCites Awards Breakfast on July 16, during SEMICON West. Nominations for this award will be accepted only until Friday, June 19, 2015. The winner will be presented with their very own 3D InCites Award statue, and will be asked to say a few words at the breakfast ceremony. ~ F.v.T.

Note: The winner of 3D InCites Achievement Award will be notified in advance to ensure his/her availability to receive the award. All other 3D InCites Award nominations should be submitted using the online nomination form, and as in previous years, winners will not be notified in advance.

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