Jet step Panel SystemAs advanced packaging facilities transition their manufacturing from round wafers to square panels, the JetStep S Series Lithography System is fully capable of handling panels up to Gen 3.5 (720x650mm). The system offers high throughput through a large printable exposure and increased productivity through on-the-fly autofocus for thick photoresists.

Moving from round wafers to rectangular panels (“panel-ization”) saves corner space, delivering a roughly 10% improvement in surface utilization. The larger size of the substrate and the improved fit between the mask and substrate reduce the transfer overhead by a factor of 5. The potential reduction in throughput resulting from an increase in the number of alignment points is more than offset by the improvements in throughput. Compared to a 1X stepper on wafers, panel-based processes can reduce lithography cost per die by as much as 40%.

There are many aspects of “panel-ization” that must be addressed before these processes gain acceptance. It is worth noting that panel lithography is widely used in related industries, such as flat panel display and PV. The potential economic benefits of panel-based lithography are significant. Rudolph has made this transition possible for the industry by taking proven technology and adapting it for semiconductor advanced packaging.


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