Product Description
3DPF is a full wave 3D path finding tool based on a patented, mesh-less algorithm for cylindrical objects (vias and bond wires).  By not meshing cylindrical objects, significant memory and CPU time is saved allowing users to analyze much larger structures in a much shorter time.

From Sherry Liu at Qualcomm: I started to use Sphinx 3D Path Finder (“3DPF”) V1.0 about 6 months ago and was impressed with the results. Most of my designs, I require an expert to create and simulate my test structures. With 3DPF, the intuitive GUI is easy to learn, create and simulate my own structures. I recently tried V2.0 release that enables 3D structures stacking TSVs, glass interposers using RDL, BGA, C4 and ubumps as well as wire bonds to interconnect each component. The V2.0 GUI has been improved. When I compared the analysis results against other full wave 3D analysis tools, I was impressed with the significant reduction in CPU time and memory required to produce comparable results.  3DPF will allow me to create and analyze larger path finding structures than many other tools available; helping to define rules long before physical implementation is started.

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