Cascade-Microtech-CM300-wPyramid-RBI-Probe-Card_1MBProduct Description
Cascade Microtech’s 3D probing solution, comprising the CM300 probe station and Pyramid Probe® cards with RBI technology, captures the true electrical performance of devices and helps produce high-integrity data. The CM300 achieves hands-off productivity to probe 3D stacked devices, using PTPA to successfully probe 25µm diameter micro-bumps.


Wafer probing is viewed as a major enabler to 3D-TSV development and manufacturing. Chip stacking with 3D-TSV interconnects requires Known Good Die, with high test coverage before stacking, in order to achieve practical yields. Probing solutions for high-density interfaces, minimizing the impact of pre-bond testing on stacking yield, and access to buried layers are some of the challenges for 3D test.

Cascade Microtech’s CM300 probe solutions are designed to provide greater alignment accuracy to probe directly on small, fragile micro-bumps. In conjunction with a fine-pitch, low-force probe card using Pyramid Probe® RBI technology, the CM300 probe solution delivers the precision required for probing 40µm pitches today, extending to 20µm pitches in the future.

Cascade Microtech and their research partner imec successfully probed micro-bumped wafers with 40/50µm pitch according to the JEDEC Wide-I/O Mobile DRAM standard using the CM300 solution with Pyramid RBI probe cards.

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