NEWBURY PARK, CALIF.–Tamar Technology received an order for its WaferScan metrology system from a major semiconductor manufacturer. The system will be used for 3DIC packaging and process development.

Tamar’s WaferScan system provides high-speed non-destructive metrology for 3DIC advanced packaging processes being developed for high volume manufacturing (HVM).

The system has a modular design and can be configured by the user to support a variety of applications. The configuration being shipped will include Tamar’s proprietary Optical Stylus Probe (OSP), Wafer Thickness Sensor (WTS), and Visible Thickness Sensor (VTS)

The measurement capability provided by these sensors include through silicon via (TSV) depth with unlimited aspect ratio, wafer thickness and total thickness variation (TTV) for single and multi-layer wafers, overburden or remaining silicon thickness (RST), wafer shape, and other 3DIC related processes.

The system can be configured for semi or fully automated operation and the high speed data rates provide the user the flexibility to integrate the measurement technology in-line to monitor production real-time depending on process requirements.

“The performance and flexibility of the WaferScan system provides our customers the ability to develop and qualify multiple processes and proliferate the required metrology into HVM to ensure high product yields,” says Russ Dudley, Sales/Marketing VP of Tamar Technology.

Tamar Technology, based in Newbury Park, California, is a metrology company specializing in precision metrology systems for the semiconductor, hard disk drive and medical device industries. For more information, contact Russ Dudley at (805) 480-3358,

For New England and Eastern Canada contact Dynaxa LLC at 203-300-5237 or

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