St. Florian, Austria, April 19, 2011 EV Group (EVG) today announced that its longtime customer and partner, industry-leading research center CEA-Leti (Grenoble, France), has installed multiple EVG tools in its industry-first 300-mm cleanroom dedicated to R&D and prototyping for 3D-integration applications.  While Leti’s new state-of-the-art facility is focused on R&D and prototyping, EVG’s equipment will be leveraged with an eye toward widespread adoption of 3D technology for high-volume applications.  Specifically, EVG’s equipment will be used in 3D technology demonstrations for Leti’s global customer base, as well as low-volume pilot production on 300-mm wafers with the end goal of transferring the processes to their industrial partners’ high-volume manufacturing environments.   

The EVG systems to be deployed on CEA-Leti’s new 300-mm 3D line include an IQ Aligner production mask alignment system, a SmartView NT highest precision bond alignment system, an EVG560 production wafer bonding system and an EVG850 production bonding system for direct wafer bonding.  These lithography and packaging systems were specifically chosen for the advantages they deliver in 3D-integration processing.  Moreover, CEA-Leti will be able to tap EVG’s extensive process know-how in 3D integration and through-silicon via (TSV) manufacturing, as the institute’s 3D offerings include TSVs along with advanced capabilities in alignment, bonding, thinning and interconnects.

 “These new tools offer important new capabilities to Leti and our partners,” noted CEA-Leti CEO Laurent Malier.  “Together we will demonstrate 3D and heterogeneous integration technologies on 300-mm wafers.”

Paul Lindner, EV Group’s executive technology director, said, “Our longstanding partnership with CEA-Leti has yielded significant advances or both companies as we have collaborated on new developments and leveraged each other’s capabilities.  By selecting our tools—including the industry’s only production-proven 300-mm thermo compression wafer bonder—for its new facility, CEA-Leti is furthering its leading role in driving 3D technology advancement.”

EVG works not only with research consortia and institutions such as CEA-Leti, but also with global consortia, including EMC-3D (which focuses on lowering the overall cost of 3D chips), SEMI, NILCOM (Consortium for Commercialization of Nanoimprint Lithography), NIL Austria, and Mancef (Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation).  Such initiatives are crucial in reducing the overall R&D costs of technology development, according to market-research firm Frost and Sullivan, which recently presented EVG with its 2010 Europe Product Innovation Award in Nanoimprint Technology.  As a technology and market leader in lithography and nanoimprint lithography solutions, EVG is well positioned to continue driving and influencing the next generation of 3D-integration technology advancements.

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