SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS) has shipped an APS etch system to Fraunhofer ISIT (FhG-ISIT). The system will add new process capability to ISIT’s MEMS manufacturing line to fuel next-generation development of devices such as actuators, sensors and energy harvesters.

“We have chosen to add APS to extend our offerings to the full range of deep etch processing for all MEMS and related technologies. We are now capable of not only high-performance deep silicon etching, but also for challenging etches in hard materials, such as piezoelectric films, oxide films, glass and Pyrex,” explained Christian Schroeder the MEMS Technology Manager at FhG-ISIT.

“We are pleased to strengthen our existing relationship with this important R&D customer,” said Kevin T. Crofton, executive vice president, and managing director of Single Wafer Division at SPTS. “The APS source offers unique processing capabilities with its patent-protected source design, proving to be extremely effective for customers who work with a variety of materials that are difficult to etch using conventional Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) tools.”

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