In last week’s discussions in the design space — Is TSV a wire or a device? and the DATE 3D Workshop 2010 Preview — several comments made by our panelists really resonated with me, and with the purpose of the community that we’re creating here. So of course I decided to blog about it.

First was Bill Martin’s remark: “Your 3D blog is part of the solution. It is the education component that is critical to lowering any adoption barrier, spreading knowledge and ideas to anyone considering 3D and TSVs.” And then in reference to the 3D workshop, Marinissen state: “…the word “Integration” in the workshop’s name not only refers to the technical process of integrating, but also to the integration of people and their knowledge.”This spirit of collaboration is what’s needed to get this off the ground.

And that’s precisely the point of our existence. It’s not meant to be a place that I can spout off all the interesting nuggets that I pull out at events and from my interaction with people in the industry. More importantly, It’s a place for our growing membership to share what they know and learn from each other. That’s why we’ve been really focusing on the discussion forums. This is where the really interesting stuff happens.

Our numbers show that the discussions are attracting lots of attention and readership. I encourage you to take the next step in participation. Don’t settle for just being a consumer of content. This is your opportunity to shape the information you see here. By simply logging in when you spend time on the site, you can add your own comments to these discussions and ask questions of your own. In fact when you’re logged in, you can add comments and ask questions on any of the posts you see here. (Go ahead, try it out right now! Not a member yet? Join Here)

You’ll get you next chance to participate in a discussion beginning tomorrow (Monday, Feb 15) as we talk with Dr. Ahmed Jerraya, of Leti, who will tell us all about the new 3 year common lab agreement with R3 Logic. Hope to see you there. – F.v.T

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