I promised that as soon as I knew who NEXX’s new collaboration was with, I would let you all know. At this moment, I’m sitting in a session in which Jean Trewhella, director of packaging research at IBM, is discussing the benefits of IBM’s collaborative efforts through their Common Platform Technology. “Collaboration allows us to get points of view from many different users, even if IBM is not serving that space, our partners will be, “ she says. And I’m thinking – aha! The major IDM has to be IBM.

Trewhalla said IBM has recognized a need for evolutionary and revolutionary developments in package technology to support the semiconductor industry. As such, the next phase of Common Platform will focus on 3D integration with the establishment of the New York Nanotechnology Packaging Center, which will integrate silicon partners, service providers, equipment providers, materials providers, and R&D providers and others. One of the material partnerships she identified was the recent agreement with Rohm and Haas.

It came during the Q&A portion of her presentation. Trewhalla announced the partnership with NEXX. So there you have it, hot off the press. – F.v.T

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