While most of my blogging will be devoted to talking about what’s happening in the world of 3D integration technologies, every once in a while you’ll see a post devoted to the blog itself. It’s where I explain to visitors, both returning and first-time, what my scope of coverage is, how to submit information for consideration, and tips on how to subscribe. I call it shameless self promotion.

While many of the companies on my radar also have a presence in other market segments, I’ll be focusing on their activities as they pertain to 3D IC packaging innovations. So please don’t feel slighted if you don’t see coverage of a particular press release. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. I’ll do my best to find a connection if there is one. If not, well then, maybe next time. Just keep them coming.

If you’re looking for blog coverage serving a broader electronics industry market, check out Gail Writes 4 U. Well-known throughout the electronics industry as editor-in-chief of Advanced Packaging and SMT magazines, Gail Flower has launched her own blog to present coverage in a way that no one else can.

People keep asking how to subscribe to my blog, Françoise in 3D. I’ve enabled several tools to do this, none of which I’m an expert at explaining how to implement. Mostly I just click on links and follow the instructions. I suggest you try that first. There are two places to do this, at the top of the right hand navigation and after the very last post. There’s also an invitation to become a follower. So far I have 3. I’d love for there to be more, so please sign up by clicking the link and following instructions. If all of this baffles you, email me at fvontrapp@gmail and we’ll handle it the old-fashioned way. I’ll add you to an opt-in subscriber list that will receive email updates once a week. Sound like a plan? -F.v.T

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