Synopsys: Galaxy Implementation Platform

Synopsys: Galaxy Implementation Platform

Product Description Synopsys’ Galaxy™ Implementation Platform is the industry’s leading solution for IC implementation and signoff. Now available with powerful automation for multi-die implementation and foundry certified design flows, Galaxy provides a silicon-proven path to successful implementation of 3D-IC stacked die and silicon-interposer based 2.5D systems. Testimonial Following colla... »

Managing 3D IC Supply Chain Complexity and Cost:  A Conversation with WWK

Managing 3D IC Supply Chain Complexity and Cost: A Conversation with WWK

“Challenges that need addressing in 2.5D / 3D IC are supply-chain related. The current cost structure for 2.5D / 3D is leveraged by materials and processing equipment.” (Overheard at the GSA Silicon Summit 2013, April 2013.) Supply chain complexity and cost: it seems to be the theme common to current discussions about implementing 3D IC technology in high-volume manufacturing today. Consider t... »

ASMC 2013 and 3D IC: Time to Volume, Time to Via

ASMC 2013 and 3D IC: Time to Volume, Time to Via

What is today’s biggest threat to continued growth in the semiconductor industry? Subramani Kengeri, Vice President, Advanced Technology Architecture, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, opening the 24th annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY, asked just that question in his keynote address. (Asked it twice, actually; once at the beginning of his provocative talk, and o... »

MonolithIC 3D's PDN concept f removing heat from 3D ICs.

Tying up 2012 3D IC Loose Ends

I don’t know about you, but I always find that amidst the holiday hubbub, the really important stuff gets shoved aside and falls through the cracks. Just in case you missed them, here are some good 3D related posts that may have been lost in the December race to “get it all done” so we could enjoy the holidays. On the topic of the 3D IC supply chain, SemiMD’s Mark LePedus wrote a comprehen... »

An Industry in Flux: Semiconductor Giants Strategize for the Future

All it takes is one look at the recent line-up on IHS iSuppli’s annual Semiconductor company ranking-by-revenue to see change is afoot in the industry, driven by the growing demand for mobile devices and declining demand for PCs and laptops. And overall, iSuppli has downgraded its semiconductor market forecast for 2012; it seems that even the healthy growth in the wireless semiconductor market ... »

Just another 3D Monday

For me, Mondays are about regrouping, getting out of weekend head and into what’s going on in the 3D world. (I confess, I do leave my work at the office!) Mostly I cruise around looking to be inspired. Here’s what was waiting for me today. Symmetry is an online magazine I’ve never heard of before; probably because it’s about particle physics and how it relates to other aspects of life and »

TSMC: Making Headlines and Sparking Debate

I've got two questions for readers, based on recent headlines from TSMC.  First of all, are TSMCs activities in building out capacity for 3D ICs spurring leading Taiwanese assembly and test houses to increase capacity as well? That’s what’s implied in this news item on CENS.com, which reports that ASE, SPIL and Powertech are all investing heavily in 3D IC R&D manufacturing and capacity... »

The Fabless Model will Thrive in the 3D IC World

In the May 15 issue of Future Fab News!, Aaron Hand, contributing editor,  asked for opinions on Mark Bohr’s (Intel) now famous EE Times interview, with Rick Merritt, where he said the fabless model is collapsing and a return to the IDM is inevitable. (I addressed a similar topic a year ago in a post titled Will 3D Integration Keep 2nd Tier Foundries Alive?) So for what it’s worth, here’s m... »

Is TSMC putting all its Eggs (or Apples) in one Basket?

For those of us who attended Doug Yu’s keynote address at the 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference in December, yesterday’s keynote at IMAPS DPC was, in the words of the immortal George Carlin, “déjà vu all over again”; driving home the message that yes, TSMC intends to provide full 2.5F and 3D service including chip design and fabrication, stacking and »

The Many Dimensions of 3D Adoption

Day Two of 3D ASIP and even though the conference opened with declarations that “3D is here” it’s clear after attending the sessions and hearing what all the presenters have to say, that this is a multi-dimensional situation. First, there are the vendors and suppliers, who have a lot at stake, having invested billions developing processes to get to this point. Then there are the manufacturer... »

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