Guest bloggers from across the supply chain and from various market segments contribute to provide insight on the implications of 3D integration technologies. Industry experts who have something to say are invited to participate.

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Executive Viewpoint: Next-Gen Drone Technologies Rely on Semiconductor Innovation

Robotics and drone technologies are one of the fastest growing end-use markets for integrated sensor technology today. According to a 2016 Yole Développement market report, the 2015 $351M US sensor market for drones and robots is expected to double by 2021, reaching US$ 709 million at a 12.4% CAGR. Key technologies include 3D cameras, solid state light detection and ranging (LIDAR), and ultra-pre... »

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Process Control Gains Importance in Advanced Packaging Applications

2016 will be remembered as the year fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP) went mainstream, thanks to TSMC’s strategic move in the advanced packaging arena and especially its integrated fan-out (InFO) win inside the iPhone 7. Already in high-volume manufacturing (HVM), FOWLP volumes significantly increased in magnitude. Will this strong momentum continue over the next few years? I believe it will... »


Silicon Patents: Repeating the Past

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” ~ George Santayana Over the past forty years, the presence of legally protected Intellectual Property (IP) has dramatically grown in the processes of electronic system development and deployment. Teams that use IP in product design and/or in subsequent product deployment and support have the additional corporate responsibilit... »

imec Collaborates with Antwerp and Flanders to Establish Smart City Living Lab

How can the Internet of Things change the future of the average citizen? To answer this question, imec joins forces with the City of Antwerp and the Flanders region to turn Antwerp into a Smart City Living Lab in which businesses, researchers, local residents and the city itself will experiment with smart technologies that aim to make urban life more pleasant, enjoyable and sustainable. “Making ... »


Embedded Die: from Incubation to High Volume Production

The embedded-die-in-substrate platform has its own history and adoption scheme compared to other advanced packaging platforms, explains Yole Développement (Yole). Indeed while the first significant volume of embedded die in integrated circuit (IC) package substrates came from direct current (DC) converters in smartphones, penetration in other market segments of interest to embedded die such as au... »

iPhone 7: Apple Charts a Strategic Course by Selecting TSMC’s inFO Platform

Each year, Apple integrates more and more innovative technologies in its iPhone products. This year, with the new iPhone 7 and its A10 processor, the leading company is the first organization to bring out package-on-package (PoP) wafer-level packaging (WLP) at the consumer scale. Apple underwent a strategic change by selecting TSMC’s new integrated fan-out PoP (inFO-PoP) technology for its new A... »


3D TSVs are essential for Heterogeneous Integration, HPC and High-end Memory

This year again, both market segments, high end, and low end, are the main targets of through silicon via (TSV) technology providers. In its latest advanced packaging technology and market analysis entitled 3DIC and 2.5D TSV Interconnect for Advanced Packaging: 2016 Business Update report, Yole Développement (Yole) announces, high volume production started: 3D TSV is a reality, especially in the ... »

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Will The Lifespan of CMOS Integrated Circuits End?

There is fierce competition for scaling foundry logic technologies. However, according to the 2015 International Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), logic transistor scaling will stop at 10nm and it will no longer be economically desirable for companies to continue traditional transistor miniaturization in microprocessors1. How will this impact the lifespan of CMOS integrated circuits? (Figure 1)... »


System Plus Consulting confirms: Apple A10 processor uses TSMC’s inFO technology

System Plus Consulting announces the release in the next few weeks of a complete report on TSMC’s Integrated Fan-Out (inFO) technology used for Apple’s A10® processor packaging. And few results are already available. Indeed System Plus Consulting’s experts propose you to discover a previous of the first conclusions. Featured in the latest Apple iPhone 7®, the Apple A10 processor has high... »

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Quantum Mechanical Advantage: A Revolution through Evolution for Storage Class Memory

I was again struck by the same epiphany as last year as I escaped the Californian sun to reach the air-conditioned Flash Memory Summit (FMS). The major part of the solid state storage industry depends on NAND Flash. All NAND Flash, whether it be 2-D or 3-D, floating gate or charge trap, depends on a quantum mechanical effect called tunneling or barrier penetration. This effect, discovered in the l... »

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