3DIC Tech Updates

But first, a 3D history lesson thanks to a recent SemiWiki blog post, Hybrids on BeO then, 3D-IC in silicon now, in which blogger Don Dingee recalls lessons learned from working with hybrid microelectronics assemblies, and how they apply in the world of 3D. Calling 3D ICs “the modern version of hybrids” he notes that “This isn’t just to get more stuff in less space by better utilizing the »

The Stacked Die Reality Check Continues; FPGAs Lead the 3D Charge

It’s been one of those Mondays. I started making the coffee this morning (put in a clean filter, poured in the water) before I got sidetracked and hit the shower without ever putting in the grounds or turning it on. Then I left the Impress Labs office without my key at lunch to run an errand and came back to a locked office front door. So I tried the main entrance and got as far as the communal ... »

Update on 3D transistors (That “other” 3D)

I always hesitate to cove 3D transistors, because before they came along, I only focused on what I knew to be 3D – ie: 3D stacked packages, 2.5D interposers and 3D ICs. And that was confusing enough. But then along came Intel’s Tri-Gate technology, claiming the 3D moniker as its own, launching into production at warp speed, and immediately confused industry journalists, who began to compare ap... »

SEMICON Europa 2012 Focuses on Materials, 3D ICs, and 450mm

SEMICON Europa got underway yesterday, and reports from the event point to new materials, 450mm and 3D ICs as the key topics – all from the European perspective. According to SEMI Europe President, Heinz Kundert, Europe has reached a critical crossroads where its very future as a global competitor seems to hinge on making it in micro- and nano-electronics. "Europe must not risk the walking away ... »

Today in 3D: HMCC Drafts Specs; Materials Suppliers take on TB/DB; OSATS add Capacity

I’ve come across a few interesting announcements in the 3D space today that separately are just random bits of news, but when bundled together, demonstrate acceleration to 3D commercialization. When you think about it, we’re more than halfway to Q1 2013, which has been earmarked by Micron as when 2 versions of its Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) will roll. Progress with the Hybrid Memory CubeSince t... »

Glass vs. Silicon Interposers for 2.5D and 3D IC Applications

There has been enough interest stirred up in R&D around glass as a low-cost alternative interposer substrate material compared with silicon, that there was an entire session dedicated to developments in that area at the 2012 IMAPS International Device Packaging conference, held March 5-8 in Scottsdale, AZ.  Rao Tummala, of Georgia Tech’s 3D Packaging Center, started things off, touting th... »

Ziptronix Direct Oxide Bond Technology Gains Momentum

At RTI’s 3D ASIP last week, I sat down with Paul Enquist, of Ziptronix, to get an update on the company’s progress with its direct bonding technologies.  Paul presented on Day 2 of the conference, but honored me with a one-on-one explanation on the application space enabled by the company’s two proprietary processes, Zibond and Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI).  Zibond is the direct oxide bo... »

Perspectives on 3D Integration: The Researchers

To listen to John Lau, of ITRI, speak on the topic of 3D integration is to experience a passion for technology that rivals no other; except perhaps that of Rao Tummala of Georgia Tech.  But John is definitely more vocal in his passion. Rao has a softer, gentler approach.  At this year’s IWLPC in Santa Clara, both expressed their perspectives on what they see as the most cost effective ... »

Georgia Tech’s 3D Interposer Technologies Provide Low-cost 3D Option

At SEMICON West 2011, Prof. Rao Tummala of Georgia Tech presented the unique glass and silicon-based 3D Interposer technologies being developed at Georgia Tech, claimed to be simpler and cheaper than 3D ICs with TSV for many mobile and consumer applications at SemiconWest 2011.  in his presentation, Tummala discussed the primary differences and challenges between traditional industry's approach t... »

Things are humming along at EV Group

“Keeping busy” doesn’t begin to describe what’s happening at EV Group these days. I sat down with Markus Wimplinger, Corporate Technology Development and IP Director, EVG,  at SEMICON West for a full briefing of the company’s latest corporate and technology developments.  Remaining true to their mission of “invent, innovate, implement” gave us a lot to talk about. Technology Devel... »

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