William (Bill) Chen, Ph.D.

About William (Bill)

About William (Bill)

William (Bill) Chen, Ph.D. is the chief architect for technology strategy, lead mentor, and hands-on engineer for strategy implementation at ASE Group, blazing the trail for packaging innovators and innovation across the electronic industry ecosystem. His strategy portfolio includes SiP, copper wire-bond, 2.5D packaging, & fan-out wafer-level packaging, all game-changing technologies brought to high volume production to address new demands for emerging applications in IoT, cloud computing, autonomous automotive, AI, and smart mobility.

Previously, Bill spent over thirty-five years at IBM, where he pioneered the concept and implementation of predictive verified modeling incorporating materials science, micromechanical, and finite element for design and manufacturing benefiting generations of packaging products, from BGAs to mainframe systems.

Bill is a past president of the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society and was the co-chair of the Packaging & Assembly TWG at ITRS until its closure by SIA in 2016. He now chairs the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap, co-sponsored by three IEEE Societies (EPS, EDS & Photonics) together with SEMI and ASME EPPD. He is the recipient of the IEEE Electronics Packaging Technology Field Award and ASME InterPACK Award. Besides being ASE Fellow, he has also been elected IEEE Fellow and ASME Fellow. Living by his motto, “Challenge things difficult but worthwhile”, Bill hopes to inspire more young engineers to always maintain an enthusiastic attitude while facing challenges, which once overcome, will sustain the prosperity and impact of the semiconductor industry.


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