LQDX and Kansai Denshi Industries

Deal between LQDX and Kansai Denshi Industries Enables Japan-Asian Support for Growing IC-Substrates and Advanced Circuit Solutions

LQDX <lik-Wid-ix>, developer of high-performance materials and process IP for advanced semiconductor manufacturing, today announced that it has signed a multi-year sales and licensing agreement with Kansai Denshi Industries (KDI), enabling manufacturing support for next-generation IC-substrates in semiconductor packaging and advanced printed circuit boards.

Under the terms of the transaction, LQDX will supply its Liquid Metal Ink (LMIx®) chemistries and Aluminum Clad Laminate (ACL®) products via its partnership with Toyal-Alconix, as well as a process license for Ultra High-Density Interconnect technology to support the rapidly growing demand in the JapanAsia market. LQDX’s technology enables Kansai Denshi, who has been producing 30-micron trace/space circuits, to leapfrog, via development, to 5-micron trace/space products today with a path to 2-micron trace/space by 2025.

“We are delighted to complete this deal with Kansai Denshi, and to support it through our partnerships with Toyal and Alconix,” said Simon McElrea, LQDX CEO. “Japan is a critical global hub for the Heterogeneous Integration market infection, and we have been building our supply chain eco-system partnerships in-region with key material, equipment, and manufacturing leaders. We look forward to supporting the Asian market with advanced interconnect prototyping and manufacturing in the second half of this year.”

Zazunori Miyabe, Board Director of KDI inc. stated, “For a long time, Kansai Denshi Industries has specialized in developing and acquiring the latest technologies to provide our customers with the most advanced circuit designs and manufacturing solutions. By adding LQDX’s Liquid Metal Ink (LMIx®) technology to our portfolio, we are now able to provide the most advanced IC-substrates and printed circuit boards for the highest performing applications.”

About Kansai Denshi Industries:
Since its founding in 1973, KDI has specialized in the planning, design and manufacturing of advanced printed circuit boards. In addition to the technology and know-how accumulated for nearly 50 years since, the company has always researched and acquired the latest technologies and responded to customer needs by introducing state-of-the-art equipment and material technologies. KDI produces many advanced products in high-speed, high-reliability and high-performance applications and delivers products within the industrial, automotive, aerospace, and communications sectors. Learn more about the company, or to enquire about building Ultra High-Density Interconnect solutions enabled by LQDX™.

About LQDX:
LQDX pioneers advanced materials for AI and high-performance computing applications, unlocking new possibilities for the semiconductor industry. Founded in collaboration with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), the company, based in Silicon Valley California, has developed a suite of cutting-edge chemistries and process technologies to revolutionize chip interconnect architecture. As the demand for computing power skyrockets with the rapid rise of AI and ML computing, new tools are needed in the semiconductor packaging and Ultra High-Density Interconnect (UHDI) toolbox. At the heart of LQDX’ portfolio lies LMIx® – or Liquid Metal Ink technology – a novel metallization chemistry suite that enables the production of circuits up to 250 times denser than conventional Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). These advanced features, previously exclusive to silicon, are essential to meet the exponential growth demand in signal density required by advanced chips and Chiplets. As an alternative to highly expensive wafer processing which uses Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology, LMIx® is simple PVD-in-a-Bottle™ substitute that integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure.

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