After reading updates on numerous projects being launched in China, it comes as no surprise that according to Canadian tech analysis firm Tech Insights, China’s semiconductor technology is more advanced than ever. Its top chip maker has gained the ability to produce 7nm chips. Despite US sanctions China’s growing semiconductor market is booming.

China is doubling down on itself through significant investments in the local technology sectors. The most prominent theme in all the projects reported on by Kiterocket’s China News updates is that most, if not all, the projects have an R&D aspect or headquarters in their design. Why is this important, you ask?

On the heels of finding out that China not only has the technology to produce a 7nm but has had the ability to do so for the past year started to connect some dots. Companies, or in this case countries, that begin to invest more into their R&D activities than they have in the past typically mean they are trying to close a competitive gap, stay competitive, or want to get ahead of their competition.

Examples of these types of projects are:

These were just a few of the projects highlighted in July. In addition to the mentioned R&D aspect of the projects, they all focus on producing tools, equipment, and manufacturing chips. With R&D investments, focus on manufacturing, and funding in the multi-billion yuans into local Chinese development, there are no signs of slowing down. It appears that China’s goal is to shed as much dependency on foreign companies as possible.

If you are interested in more details about past, present, or future projects happening in China, check out our China News.


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