In a single month, China has launched over 170 technology-related projects. Areas of focus range from semiconductors to biomedicine, new energy vehicles to chip application development, production of an optical protective mask to ultraviolet disinfection protective mask, dust-proof anti-poison breathing mask, and everything in between. Local Chinese corporations heavily invest in the projects, but they also have tremendous backing from foreign investors. Overall, the projects put into motion this April have nearly 140.5 billion yuan invested in developing technology sectors in China. That is the equivalent of almost 22 billion dollars.

These projects are expected to help develop local regions where they are based and produce thousands of new jobs. Of these 170 projects launched in April, they are not all manufacturing; some of the projects are more laboratory-based.

For example, the School of Microelectronics (SME), Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), and AlpsenTek are collaborating on in-depth research in new vision sensors, concentrating on the algorithm and architecture, technology and application, industrialization, and design manufacturing processes. The goal is to make the joint laboratory into an advanced innovation platform integrating scientific research, talent training, application demonstration, and achievement transformation to realize IP sharing within the cooperation framework and promote the accelerated transformation of research results.

Another significant project is the Tunghsu group’s semiconductor initiative based in Lishui. The goal is to create a high-end industrial manufacturing campus that will become a substantial production base of high-end photoelectric semiconductor materials.

One of the foreign-invested projects that started in April is the Quick Flash Technologies project signed in Suzhou. The project was invested and established in FenHu by the founding team of U.C. Berkeley in the U.S. It provides customers with optical and energy-saving solutions based on numerical control semiconductor photochromic technology.

With 170 projects, it would be impossible to mention them all, but one to put on your radar is the most recently signed, Tianhe HuiGaoLian semiconductor industrial base project. China’s first “blockchain and semiconductor equipment industrial park.” Plans are to cooperate with well-known universities such as the National University of Defense Science and Technology and Peking University. The park’s focus is to tackle key technical problems, introduce and cultivate high-end talent, strive for independent and controllable core patents in artificial intelligence and blockchain, and form a whole industrial chain while simultaneously integrating research, production, sales, and settlement.

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