Breaking Records despite COVID-19 and moved to a new locationl

NIJMEGEN, THE NETHERLANDS – November 8, 2021. Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV (Trymax), a global leader in plasma solutions for semiconductor manufacturers, announces the move to a new green manufacturing facility.
‘We’re very pleased to inform you that Trymax Semiconductor is growing rapidly and therefore we will be moving to a new location. The manufacturing floor, the demo laboratory and cleanroom will all be more than doubled in square meters.’ stated Leo Meijer, CEO and co-founder of Trymax.

Our move to the new location will take place during December 2021. Our business, including website, email, and telephone, will be fully operational during the moving process so you will not experience any changes or delays in service, production or shipping during this time. Our new address is:

Trymax Semiconductor Equipment B.V. Bijsterhuizen 11-52 6546 AS Nijmegen Phone : +31 24 350 0809
Website: Email:

About Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV
Trymax’s core business is to support semiconductor manufacturers through the world with innovative plasma-based solutions for photo resist removal, surface cleaning, isotropic etch, as well as UV curing/charge erase, that are used in the fabrication of integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices. Trymax is a privately held company headquartered in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Trymax operates regional offices in China (Suzhou) and Italy (Milan). Learn more at
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Trymax Semiconductor Equipment is an innovative plasma-based company designing, manufacturing and marketing state of the…

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