COVID-19 update from Ludo Vandenberk
Ludo Vandenberk, Executive VP, Trymax

As many of you will agree, 2019 was a very tough year for the semiconductor industry but with a strong recovery and outlook for 2020-2021 based on order bookings to date and the semiconductor equipment forecast. Before we had time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming demand, there was an unexpected pandemic (COVID-19) affecting our supply chain and equipment manufacturing.

As many European countries went into lockdown randomly over 10 months from March through December, we found that our dual supply chain strategy was mandatory to securing deliveries of the many orders we received and to address the customer’s concern for on-time deliveries. The majority of these orders came from our RF-filter (5G), power electronic, and compound semiconductor customers.

At Trymax, we are continuously monitoring the ever-changing climate of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to assure everyone that our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers. In that respect, from the beginning, Trymax put a dedicated response team in place, which was and still is watching the situation closely.

As part of this, we began implementing measures at a very early stage to secure safety. With the additional measures put in place under our business contingency plans, we have taken the right steps to balance and safeguard the health of our employees and the sustainable production and supply of our products. We believe that we have managed the situation well and therefore do not foresee currently any bigger interruption. The Trymax team would like to extend our gratitude and thank everybody for their contribution in helping our company navigating through this COVID-19 period.

So now the question is what will 2021 bring, at this moment we are all still facing challenges as a result of COVID-19. Together we can remain strong and resilient. Our prospects for 2021 look very promising and many new projects are expected. We want to remain the market share leader and gain an even higher market share. 2021, here we come. For now, stay safe! ~ Ludo Vandenberk, Executive Vice President



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