Co-located with productronica in Munich, Germany, SEMICON Europa attracts and connects industry-leading technology companies from every segment of the European microelectronics industry. Held November 12-15, this year’s events will expand attendee opportunities to exchange ideas and promote technological progress featuring the most advanced and innovative electronics manufacturing platform in Europe, including a focus on SMART technologies and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Here’s a preview of what to expect from a few of our 3D InCites sponsors and followers:

FRT, A Formfactor Company

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Last month, FormFactor, Inc. announced the acquisition of FRT, based in Germany. FRT is one of the fastest-growing metrology suppliers in the semiconductor industry, with revenues expanding at more than 75% compounded annual growth rate since its inception in 2016 to 2018. The acquisition strengthens FormFactor’s leadership in test and measurement by expanding its addressable market into 3D surface metrology and extending the optical applications scope of its existing Engineering Systems business.

During the show, FRT’s CEO, Dr. Thomas Fries is hosting a Q&A to answer questions and discuss future scenarios. Also, experience the MicroProf® 200 with multi-sensor technology live. Interested? Send an email to to retrieve your registration code and a free ticket.

FormFactor’s users’ conference, COMPASS, will also be held in Munich on November 14. At the event, industry leaders and speakers from leading-edge research institutions and FormFactor share test insights on a wide variety of emerging applications, such as 5G, silicon photonics, trends in advanced packages, and millimeter-wave measurement and calibration. In addition to the technical sessions, attendees are invited to this networking opportunity to discuss the products and technologies shaping our future. Register here!


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Veeco experts will be presenting at the Advanced Packing Conference during SEMICON Europa on November 13th. “Addressing Impact of Shrinking Line/Space Dimensions on PR Strip, UBM/RDL Etch and Wafer Thinning Processes” will be given at 10:30am CET. Veeco designs, manufactures and markets thin film process equipment that enables high-tech electronic device production and development all over the world.

Trymax Semiconductor Equipment B.V.

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On display at Europa will be a life size image of the NEO 2000UV. The advanced UV curing/erase system from Trymax Semiconductor Equipment is the latest and fastest UV curing and charge erase technology on the market. It offers exceptional performances meeting today’s semiconductor fab requirements. It is a high throughput system with optimized cost of ownership. The NEO 2000UV is specifically designed for applications up to 200mm diameter substrates. Check out the product video!


Booth A3.341

MRSI Systems (Mycronic Group) will be exhibiting with Mycronic at Productronica. Product demos will be offered at the Mycronic Booth.

MRSI will demonstrate the industry-leading 1.5 micrometer die bonder, MRSI-H-LD for high-volume manufacturing of advanced photonics and RF/microwave devices. The system is optimized for applications that bond large die for high-power laser diodes, industrial lasers, optical fiber amplifiers, power amplifiers, lighting, and sensors. This versatile assembly solution enables customers to scale their business by delivering high throughput, high reliability, and high flexibility.

MRSI recently announced the upgrade of the machine accuracy to ±1.5 micrometers at 3 sigma for the high-speed product line, under their new names: MRSI-HVM and MRSI-H. For more on these changes, view the press release.


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Nordson ASYMTEK, a global leader in dispensing, jetting, and coating equipment and technology, will showcase its new Qadence™ closed-loop system that automatically compensates for viscosity changes during conformal coating. This innovative system combines the capabilities of Nordson ASYMTEK’s conformal coating hardware and software to selectively apply coating to specific areas of a circuit board consistently throughout production. The Qadence flow control system maintains stable fluid application, flow rates, and performance by automatically compensating for viscosity changes related to temperature, humidity, and batch-to-batch variation. It eliminates the need for frequent operator adjustments and downtime to recalibrate the process.

Plan Optik AG


Plan Optik is unveiling something new at SEMICON Europa! The leading manufacturer of structured wafers is driving connectivity to the next level with its latest technology innovation. In sectors such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemistry and pharmaceuticals these structured wafers are essential components used for numerous applications in MEMS technology. Curious? Stop by Booth B1.013 to find out more.


Booth B1.357

Technic, a global leader in specialty chemistry, equipment and analytical tools offers a broad range of process chemicals, surface finishing equipment, engineered powders, and analytical control tools that are widely used around the world.

At SEMICON Europa, the company will showcase its advanced products and technologies for semiconductor fabrication and packaging, including:

We hope to see you at SEMICON Europa. If you’d like someone from 3D InCites to stop by your booth for a chat and a photo, let us know, and be sure to include your booth number!

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