NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands (March. 02, 2018) – Semiconductor equipment manufacturer Trymax announced today that a Taiwanese establishes advanced packaging manufacturer selects Trymax for their new advanced packaging technology. The Taiwanese manufacturer has committed a multiple tool sale with Trymax. All equipment shipments are scheduled for Q2 and Q3 this year. Trymax is selected after an in-depth evaluation of major equipment vendors that were compared for their etch technology, price and overall value.

Trymax introduced its NEO series in 2009 as a high-performance yet cost-efficient plasma technology solution for users up to 300mm substrates, in front-end, back-end, MEMS/filters and advanced packaging. Trymax systems are very competitively priced with the maximum flexibility of substrate handling. The Trymax NEO series is available for development, high volume production as well as for mass. Trymax also supports customers with world-class process development, deployment, and service around the globe.

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