Merck develops innovative materials solutions for a variety of automotive applications

Munich, Germany, November 14, 2017– Merck, a leading science and technology company, is offering material solutions to the next generation automotive applications. Future automotive requires different features from current electronic devices, such as heat resistance, safety, and longlasting functionality chips. As materials play a key role in the performance and reliability of advanced IC chips, Merck is offering a broad portfolio of solutions in the semiconductor chip manufacturing and packaging to meet the needs of the automotive industry.

According to IHS Market’s Luca De Ambroggi during his presentation at SEMICON West 2017, a high-end car will contain more than $6,000 worth of electronics in five years, driving a $160 billion automotive electronics market in 2022. Advanced IC chip packages, power systems, microcontrollers, sensors, camera, analog devices and application processes are driving the greatest adoption of semiconductor technology. Further, automotive has additional requirements regarding redundancy and specific chip packaging, as well as minimum requirements for performance, reliability, and operation for more than 10 years under harsh conditions (e.g., high temperature).[2]

Electric vehicles and autonomous driving are key drivers for electronics’ continued growth in the semiconductor sector, representing a new frontier for automotive electronic packaging and safety features. Future artificial intelligence platform applications will require ongoing collaboration with chipmakers and the automotive industry to understand their specific needs.

“Merck is providing a broad range material solutions specifically for the automotive industry,” said Benedikt Ernst, head of Business Field Semiconductor Packaging Solutions at Merck. “Merck can build on 350 years of experience in chemistry, premium product quality, and technology. We have a strong expertise in semiconductors, optoelectronics, display and industry sectors. Based on our close cooperation with the automotive OEMs we are confident to become the premium material solution partner to enable future autonomous car.”

Merck’s automotive materials for the semiconductor chips include:

  • Turnkey atomic layer deposition material for producing extremely powerful graphics chips, AI chips, and processors
  • Spinfil® spin-on dielectric material offers an essential component for automotive memory chips
  • Innovative liquid-type photoresists for sensors and advanced packaging applications to achieve the narrowest and most conformal feature lines
  • Lead-free sintering paste material offering low interfacial resistance, high thermal conductivity and adaptive process techniques for power chips and system-in-package modules able to operate in very high temperatures

Merck Performance Materials is very active in the automotive segment. Besides the semiconductor material solution, Merck’s automotive platform provides various innovative solutions for the industry, including liquid crystal(LC)/OLED lighting, LC window, smart antenna, effective pigments, etc…, aiming to bring safety, functionality, and infotainment to future automotive experience.

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