Montbonnot, France, 20th of September 2017  ̶  KOBUS, a leading equipment supplier in advanced deposition solutions, and Leti, a technology research institute of CEA Tech, are pursuing their long-term partnership through the acquisition by Leti of the latest generation of F.A.S.T.® (Fast Atomic Sequential Technology) 200mm solution from KOBUS. It will be used to increase Leti’s process capability in the field of conformal advanced chemical vapor deposition (advanced CVD) processes for 3D devices.

“The F.A.S.T.® tool offers the flexibility and performance that we need to conduct our various research projects in the More than Moore field, and its technology opens up new exploration areas for advanced materials deposition needed for conformal film applications”, said Fabrice Geiger, Head of the Silicon Technology Division at Leti. “We are very pleased to deliver our latest 200mm F.A.S.T.® generation solution to one of our historic partners: Leti”, said Julien Vitiello, C.E.O. of KOBUS. ”Our higher deposition rate enabled by pulsed CVD makes ALD films a tractable solution for scale-up paths toward high-volume manufacturing. The partnership with Leti is the most efficient way for us to both validate process capabilities and equipment performances. In the meantime, we can stay in contact with the most advanced developments in the semiconductor industry and propose solutions for future challenges”.

Designed for processing 200 and 300mm wafers, the F.A.S.T.® solution is a versatile cluster deposition system for all types of materials, with or without plasma assistance, using liquid precursors. It is well suited for low-temperature thermal budget constraint and 3D conformal deposition. Combining proprietary patented CVD reactor design with ALD pulse capability, it offers a unique process range for R&D centers to tackle the need for more advanced materials and flexible deposition equipment. This allows going from thin and conformal layers for advanced transistors or capacitors, to thick and conformal films for 3D integration like TSV, photonic, µ-displays and others.

Based on more than ten years of development, the latest F.A.S.T.® generation brings a competitive deposition approach for thick and conformal film, offering ALD film conformality performances at CVD speed. It allows high throughput, process repeatability, and reduced maintenance standard through the development of a unique in-situ cleaning capability for oxide and metal layers like copper.

About KOBUS:
KOBUS is a leading provider of high technology process equipment serving the semiconductor industry. We design and manufacture thin film deposition tools based on a unique deposition method at the crossroads of ALD and CVD: F.A.S.T. for Fast Atomic Sequential Technology. We support our customers from R&D, pilot line to manufacturing fabs for semiconductor, LEDs and MEMS device fabrication. Additional information can be found on our website

Contact: Julien Vitiello
Phone: +33 (0)4 56 52 68 00

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