Remember back a few years ago when 3D and TSV were considered to be the pretty much the same thing? Anne-Marie Dutron, general director of SEMI Europe Grenoble Office does. She was in the thick of it, working at ST Microelectronics Mobile Division in partnership with CEA-Leti and imec on 3D TSV partitioning. She also remembers the very early days of package-on-package (PoP), embedded die into BGA substrates and fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP) development from her time at IBM and St Microelectronics, where she helped develop ST’s very first PoP for Ericsson’s wireless mobile platform, and then later, evaluating Freescale’s redistributed chip package (RCP) and Infineon’s eWLB (they went with eWLB, by the way). So now in her position at SEMI, where this year she was tasked with planning and executing the fourth edition of what was previously called the European 3D TSV Summit, she fully understands the technology space and the consequences of adoption. Under her guidance, the event has undergone some expansion and a name change to the European 3D Summit. Here, 3D InCites talks to Dutron about what attendees can expect at the 2016 event, which takes place January 18-20 at Minatec Campus, Grenoble, France.

These days, 3D is about much more than just TSV and subsequent stacking technologies. In the beginning, explained Dutron, the summit focused on TSVs and process challenges. Then they added in interposer technologies, and through glass vias (TGVs). Now they’ve added FOWLP, which becomes a 3D packaging in PoP configuration, and other 3D alternatives. Deciding which one of these technologies to use is done on a case-by-case basis. 3D has become part of the whole advanced packaging conversation.

“We changed the name to extend the scope of coverage because there’s a wider range of 3D topics included,” explained Dutron. “We believe advanced packaging is gaining more attention in the semiconductor landscape. This year, we saw increasing adoption of 3D in memory stacks, high performance computing, and also fan-out. So the committee decided to extend the scope and change the name to go above and beyond TSVs.”

As the scope of coverage has changed, so has the agenda focus, as we are way beyond proving out the technology concepts. This year, the agenda focuses on the applications and technology innovation. There are two strong sessions on high performance computing and imaging. Other applications discussed include mobile, automotive and wearable devices. “These applications are starting to be massively adopted, and each one requires its own technology choice,” noted Dutron. “We will have lots of application topics and talks.”

There’s also a session devoted to innovations in FOWLP. According to Dutron, putting this session together was a big challenge, in a good way. “We received so many submissions for presentations that we could have had two sessions. This a good sign of how much industry activity there is in this field,” noted Dutron.

One addition to the program is a start-up pitch session with Q&A in place of a panel discussion. The three, featured start-ups, aveni, 3DiS Technologies, and a spin-out of Osaka University in Japan, will present their innovation in TSV and 3D packaging technologies.

Another change in this year’s event is the tour destination. Rather than offering a tour of Leti’s 300mm cleanroom for 3D TSV processes, attendees will be treated to a tour of Minatec’s Innovation Showroom. “We wanted to let people discover Grenoble’s innovation hub,” said Dutron.

In summary, what does Dutron think are the top 5 reasons for attending this year’s European 3D Summit? There are many, but if she had to choose just five they would be:

5. You’ll come away with a full understanding of the 3D integration palette of technology.

4. You’ll see concrete use-case examples of real products implementing the technology.

3. Monday’s market briefing will provide fresh numbers and other input from four market analysts, and will include reverse engineering examples, and what is changing the value chain.

2. A sold-out exhibition with 25 exhibitors, several of which are new, as well as new elements in B2B interaction translates to enhanced networking opportunities with international top experts.

1. Let’s face it. We’re all in this for the food. And this year’s Gala Dinner at the Chateau de Sassenage promises to not disappoint. Dutron encourages everyone to brush up on their 3D technology knowledge, because this year, there will be a quiz.

See you in Grenoble! ~ FvT

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