beSangPRBeSang Inc., a pioneer in the monolithic 3-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs), announced today its proprietary 3D super-NAND development.

“We are pleased to announce 3D super-NAND, which is expected to be the lowest ‘Cost-per-Bit’ in the NAND market,” said Dr. Sang-Yun Lee, founder and CEO of BeSang Inc. “For the first time in the semiconductor industry, 3D super-NAND brings parallel manufacturing processes in order to achieve maximum productivity, where the parallel manufacturing means independent wafer processing of memory periphery logic at affordable old-generation technology nodes and advanced 3D memory cells on top of the periphery.”

Other 3D NAND has a sequential manufacturing process to build stacked memory layers, staircase bit line contacts, and periphery logic. It takes usually more than 10 weeks to complete the manufacturing process. However, it takes only 5 days to complete 3D super-NAND advanced 3D non-volatile memory cells thanks to parallel manufacturing,” said Dr. Yohwan Koh, former senior vice president and head of NAND business at SK hynix. Koh recently became an advisor at BeSang Inc.

Compared to 48-layer 3D NAND, BeSang expects its 1-layer 3D super-NAND to have five to 10 times better ‘Cost-per-Bit.’ BeSang plans to bring 3D super-NAND to the market along with industry partners in 2016.

About BeSang Inc.
BeSang is a pioneer in the design, development, and delivery of unsurpassed three-dimensional (3D) IC solutions, providing unmatched process and design technologies for TRUE 3D™ IC as well as technology licenses to customers. BeSang provides high-value intellectual properties related to its proprietary TRUE 3D™ ICs. The fabless semiconductor company is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. Additional information is available at

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