The recent announcement of the International Interconnect Technology Conference (IITC), combined with the Advanced Metallization Conference (AMC) in the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose, from May 20-23, caught my eye, because it also offers several sessions relevant for 3D-IC materials and manufacturing.

On Tuesday, May 20, will be a day-long Workshop on “Manufacturing of Interconnect Technologies: Where are we now and where do we go from here?”

The conference sessions will start with a keynote from Applied Materials on Wednesday morning, followed by session 2 about nanophotonics, 7nm scaling, packaging advancements, and ESD guidelines.

In the afternoon, experts from industry and universities will address materials and manufacturing topics in 17 posters, then six presentations will dive into these topics further.

The 3D-IC session on Thursday morning will concentrate on several interesting TSV topics; the reliability session before lunch will cover a number of BEOL topics.

The afternoon starts with another 16 posters about metrology, materials, and unit processing and will conclude with six presentations about process integration, specifically Intel’s 22nm embedded DRAM technology, interconnect topics, and Carbon Nanotube FETs.

Friday’s first session will address four more topics about materials and unit processes, then four speakers will focus on interconnect scaling, ReRAMs and All-Spin Logic.

Three more reliability topics will start the afternoon and in the last session of this conference, five speakers will concentrate on 3D-IC specific topic, such as experimental results of 3D sequential (= monolithic) integration, TSV extrusion and manufacturing challenges as well as 3D impact on system architectures, reliability and yield.

This conference will demonstrate, just like the recent IMAPS Conference in Phoenix did, that the equipment- and materials suppliers, as well as fabs and OSATs are not only working hard on 3D IC technology advancements and cost reductions, but can show compelling results. This is an early, but very telling sign for the increasing 2.5D/3D-IC value proposition.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the latest about material characteristics and advances in interconnect technology! Register here. ~ Herb Reiter

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