Monolithic 3D is far more than just an alternative to 0.7x scaling. Zvi Or-Bach, President and CEO will present a tutorial on Monolithic 3D IC describing the multiple significant advantages of 3D IC.
MonolithIC 3D Inc.

MonolithIC 3D Inc. the technology innovator of monolithic 3D, announced today that it was chosen to give a tutorial on monolithic 3D IC at the IEEE International Conference on 3D System Integration (3D IC) to be held on October 2nd – 4th, 2013 in San Francisco, CA. MonolithIC 3D Inc. will be represented by Zvi Or-Bach, President and CEO. The conference will start with tutorials in the first day followed by two days of 3D IC sessions. All 3D IC topics will be discussed including 3D process technology, materials, equipment, circuit technology, design methodology and applications.

“We are very pleased with the industry recognition associated with selecting MonolithIC 3D to give the tutorial on monolithic 3D,” said Mr. Or-Bach. “Our thanks to the organizing committee for their invitation, and we are gratified to see that monolithic 3D technology is rapidly becoming part of the 3D IC field.”

Mr. Or-Bach will present ten independent and significant advantages that the 3D IC technology brings to the semiconductor industry. Some of those are unique to the monolithic type of 3D IC. These will be detailed in the tutorial titled “Monolithic 3DIC” scheduled for Wednesday, October 2nd. The company will also give a paper detailing a recent breakthrough for an additional path to practical monolithic 3D IC. It will be presented in session VII on Friday October 4th, in a paper titled: “Pulsed Laser Annealing: A scalable and practical technology for monolithic 3D IC”. This work was done in collaboration with Prof. Bipin Rajendran of Bombay ITT. Prof. Bipin Rajendran is now an advisor to MonolithIC 3D Inc. and performed the early validation of monolithic 3D IC with excimer laser activation as part of his PhD work in Stanford University under the guidance of Prof. Fabian Pease.

Some of the 3D IC advantages presented in the tutorial are: Significant advantages for reusing the same fab line and design tools, heterogeneous integration, processing multiple layers simultaneously, offering multiples of cost improvement,logic redundancy, allowing 100x integration at good yields, and modular platforms for platform base design and manufacturing.

Mr. Or-Bach: “We are very pleased to have the topic of monolithic 3D as part of the topics covered by the IEEE 3D IC conference. We believe that monolithic 3D is the best way for the semiconductor industry to keep on the path called Moore’s’ Law now that dimensional scaling has reached the diminishing return phase. The tutorial will present some of the unique advantages that are being opened up with this new advancement for semiconductor devices.”

The company was also invited to give a 3D Plenary Talk on approaches to obtain 3D logic ICs entitled “Practical Process Flows for Monolithic 3D” and exhibit the poster “Thermal Considerations for Monolithic Integration of Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits” at the IEEE SOI-3D-Subthreshold Microelectronics Technology Unified Conference on October 7th thru 10th, 2013 in Monterey, CA.

Join us at the largest Conference on 3D IC in the world held at The Westin San Francisco Market Street on October 2nd – 4th, 2013 in San Francisco, CA, the IEEE International Conference on 3D System Integration (3D IC). You can also visit our booth in the conference exhibition hall.

About MonolithIC 3D Inc.
MonolithIC 3D Inc. has more than 90 issued and pending patents on the technology, design and architecture of monolithic 3D-ICs. The company has pioneered single crystal silicon based monolithic 3D-ICs for logic, memory and optoelectronic applications. Its business model involves licensing technology to existing semiconductor manufacturers. Further information about MonolithIC 3D Inc., including detailed technical information, can be found at its website.


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