It has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with whether you have the ability to embrace new and exciting things, or whether you deem them unworthy of your time.

When it comes to communication, we live in a rapidly changing world. A couple of years ago, using the Internet as a means of communication was still fairly linear. E-mail and IM were firmly established for two-way communication, but Skype was just starting to be accepted, and social networking for both personal and professional purposes was very much on fringe – used only by the savviest and most trendy adopters of technology; college students, teenagers, rock stars, and other social elite; or professionals looking to build their networks. In the past year that has changed dramatically, as people from all walks of life discover the usefulness of these methods of staying in touch, when used with respect.

I “talk” to lots of people every day – on the phone, via email, Skype, LinkedIn, facebook, in web meetings on SemiNeedle, and finally just a few days ago, on Twitter. As an industry commentator, these have become the tools of my trade. I find them incredibly efficient methods for connecting with colleagues and friends from around the world, as well as for sharing information. I don’t worry that it imposes on my time, because I know how to set an out-of-office email, and how to power down my laptop and cell phone. So I don’t really get when people, especially those in the business of gathering and sharing information, say “I don’t have time for those things.” I think what they’re really saying is, “I don’t have time to learn how they work and incorporate them into my lifestyle”.

In my opinion, if you’re in the communication business, these tools can actually help save both time and money, and are worth the time investment of becoming familiar with them. The truth of the matter is, those teenagers and college students who started using them from the beginning are joining the workforce, which means that over time, they will replace traditional methods of exchanging information. After all, most of them are so easy, even a child can use them…

So which are you, an Oldtimer or a Newcomer? — F.v.T

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