Impress Labs, a global brand, creative, and communication agency for the semiconductor, solar energy and life science industries, today announced the addition of leading 3D IC technology journalist and 3D InCites founder, Françoise von Trapp, to its Semiconductor Lab. The new hire is part of Impress Labs’ ongoing strategy to offer clients greater market expertise, while continuing efforts to develop innovative content marketing solutions. In addition to her ongoing efforts with 3D InCites, a renowned resource of reliable 3D technology content, she will serve as senior technology writer and subject matter expert supporting Impress clients in the 3D IC and advanced packaging technology markets.

The digital revolution has changed marketing communications and advertising models, resulting in fragmentation of markets and audiences. “Communicating valuable, genuine messages to well-educated, clearly defined target audiences is the key to marketing and business success,” explains Martijn Pierik, founder and managing partner of Impress Labs. “Agencies need to understand their customers’ businesses and how they sell in their markets. That’s why we invest in experts who understand the technology and know the business landscape of the industries we serve.” 

Another element of change that is redefining the rules of marketing is the rapidly evolving (trade) media landscape and its effect on technology companies. Recognizing these changes, Impress Labs invested in the development of innovative content platforms for the life science, solar energy and microelectronics industries to help direct this evolution.

The agency’s first foray into content marketing was with Onco’Zine, the international oncology network lead by medical editor and publisher, Peter Hofland, Ph.D. Thereafter came the launch of SolarCurator, a unique online resource for the solar industry based on a curation model. It is the brainchild of Impress managing partners, Martijn Pierik and Dave Richardson, and is managed by solar industry veteran, Tom Cheyney. 3D InCites will be the third entity to benefit from Impress Labs’ vision. Moving forward, 3D InCites will transition away from a traditional advertising model to being funded solely by the agency in an effort to curate content that supports other media outlets reporting on 3D-related technologies, processes, conferences and tradeshows. In addition, the site will continue to feature original content, authored by von Trapp and 3D InCites community members.

“We invested in these content platforms, not as a way to generate additional revenue for Impress, but rather as a means to pay it forward and provide support for the media community in the industries we serve,” explains Richardson. “The intent is not to compete with trade publications, but rather to increase their visibility through a curation model lead by industry journalists who are experts in their field. If there is good content out there, we highlight it, contextualize it along with other relevant content around the same topic, and then we link out to direct traffic to those sites.”

“Impress Labs’ vision provides the perfect platform for 3D InCites as 3D integration technologies move from concept to commercialization,” said von Trapp. “The site has grown steadily in membership alongside the technologies themselves, and there’s more 3D to write about than ever. I look forward to focusing my full attention on developing content for the site; there are so many experts out there following the path to commercialization for 2.5D, 3D TSV and 3D IC technologies, that I’m eager to help share their knowledge.”

Dubbed the “Queen of 3D” for her editorial focus on the emerging 3D integration technologies, von Trapp initially launched her blog, Françoise in 3D, in 2009, prior to launching 3D InCites. Since then she has been one of the most prolific bloggers in this space, having published well over 200 blog posts. For the past two years, von Trapp also served as the senior technical editor of Chip Scale Review and was formerly managing editor of Advanced Packaging magazine. She is well known in the advanced packaging community as an industry commentator, covering symposiums and conferences, participating in trade shows and moderating panel discussions. She holds a BA in Communications from the University of New Hampshire.

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