The Burn‐in & Test Socket Workshop (BiTS Workshop) announced today that it is changing its name to The Burn‐in & Test Strategies Workshop (BiTS Workshop). The rebrand, which features an updated logo, is reflected in all of BiTS collateral material and the website for the 2012 BiTS Workshop that takes place March 4‐7 2012, in Mesa, AZ.

“The committee elected to rebrand the workshop to keep pace with the evolution of packaged ICs,” explained Fred Taber, general chairman of BiTS. “As such, the re‐christened Burn‐in & Test Strategies (BiTS) Workshop expands its reach to incorporate next‐generation solutions to burn‐in and test while also providing vital, current information on traditional technologies.”

Over the past few years, with the maturation and market adoption of advanced packaging technologies such as wafer level packaging (WLP), system in package (SiP) and 3D packaging, traditional methods of burn‐in and test has been challenged. BiTS recognizes this, and is dedicated to bringing workshop attendees the latest burn‐in and test strategies for next‐gen advanced packages like Fan‐out WLP, wafer level test of chip scale packages, embedded die packages, flip chip packages, package‐on‐package (PoP),and system‐in‐package (SiP) and more, while continuing to focus on tooling technologies for contemporary packages.

“We want to stress that BiTS will continue its mission of incorporating everything that has to do with burn‐in and test tooling for today’s IC package technologies,” said Taber. “The rebrand reflects the expansion to include what’s now and what’s next in burn‐in & test.”

For more information about this year’s BiTS Workshop, visit the website at

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